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    Japanese Nationals

    Official results


    December 23
    16:00 Pairs SP
    16:35 Men SP

    December 24
    13:00 Short Dance
    13:35 Pairs FS
    14:10 Ladies SP
    18:25 Men FS

    December 25
    15:00 Free Dance
    15:55 Ladies FS

    1 Shoma UNO
    2 Ryoichi EGUCHI
    3 Nobunari ODA
    4 Yuta ONUMA
    5 Sei KAWAHARA
    6 Ryuichi KIHARA
    7 Tomoyuki KORIYAMA
    8 Takahiko KOZUKA
    9 Takuya KONDO
    10 Masaki KONDO
    11 Akio SASAKI
    12 Daisuke TAKAHASHI
    13 Shota TAKETAZU
    14 Keiji TANAKA
    15 Yuya TAMADA
    16 Yoji TSUBOI
    17 Kento NAKAMURA
    18 Satoshi NAKAMURA
    19 Kosuke NOZOE
    20 Yuzuru HANYU
    21 Ryujyu HINO
    22 Yuki HORINOUCHI
    23 Tatsuki MACHIDA
    24 Yuuhi MATSUZAKA
    26 Hayato MIYAZAKI
    27 Takahito MURA
    28 Daisuke MURAKAMI
    29 Koshin YAMADA
    30 Yukihiro YOSHIDA

    1 Mao ASADA
    2 Ayaka ISHII
    3 Shoko ISHIKAWA
    4 Haruka IMAI
    5 Sara IMAMURA
    6 Miyabi OHBA
    7 Chisako KIUCHI
    8 Yuka KOUNO
    9 Shion KOKUBUN
    10 Rina KONDO
    11 Miu SATO
    12 Risa SHOJI
    13 Akiko SUZUKI
    14 Haruna SUZUKI
    15 Mari SUZUKI
    16 Eri SETO
    17 Mutsumi TAKAYAMA
    18 Naomi TANIKAWA
    19 Kako TOMOTAKI
    20 Ayane NAKAMURA
    21 Mika NAKAMURA
    22 Hikaru NASUNO
    23 Yuki NISHINO
    24 Kanade HASEGAWA
    25 Mai HIRONO
    26 Satoko MIYAHARA
    27 Kanako MURAKAMI
    28 Kana MURAMOTO
    29 Satsuki MURAMOTO

    1 Narumi TAKAHASHI / Mervin TRAN

    Ice Dance
    1 Burina OI / Taiyo MIZUTANI
    2 Anna TAKEI / Yuya TAMADA
    3 Emi HIRAI / Marien De La Asuncion
    4 Cathy REED / Chris Reed

    Mao Asada officially announced to participate Japanese nationals yesterday (IMG press release). Reportedly she started training on 13th.

    Oda is listed but he can withdraw anytime. I suspect he is sitting on the fence, observing his rivals' performances at GPF.

    Kanako Murakami is changing the SP jumps to last season's (3T-3T & 3F).

    Miyahara tested her first senior FP at a local Kyoto competition, scoring 110.26 points (TES 63.14). Missed the 3Lz-3T but landed 7 triples.

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    Quote Originally Posted by n_halifax View Post
    I'm surprised not to see Fumie Suguri competing.
    She didn't make it out of Sectionals.

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    Pchiddy will participate in the Gala.

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    I just hope Mao can handle the emotional response she is sure to get from other skaters and the media. The sympathy of others can be overwhelming when one is in a fragile state. If she wants to compete so soon, it would actually be kindest if everyone refrained from expressing sympathy until after the competition (and she understood that their silence came from love and respect). I don't know how likely that is.

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    the mens SP is such high stakes!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sorcerer View Post
    Pchiddy will participate in the Gala.
    HAHA at first I thought you wrote "Pchiddy will participate in the competition" and I was like O____O

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    Is it that P-chan has a round trip including some meeting with his supporters in China?

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    Does anybody know anything about live streaming?
    If not, I will watch it on keyhole tv, the quality of which is so awful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sorcerer View Post
    Pchiddy will participate in the Gala.
    How nice of the Japanese federation to invite great skaters from other countries to take part in the gala. They really want to treat the fans. Interesting Patrick is the only eligible skater invited. There are also genuine friendships among these and the Japanese top skaters too so they will all have a good time together.

    So many Men and Ladies competitors and hardly any Pairs and Dancers. They really need to address this issue. Diverting some skaters to the paired disciplines should ease up the competition in Singles too.

    Poor Fumie. Poor Nobu. Does he have a bye to Worlds?
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