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Thread: What a refreshing board!!!

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    Let me add my welcome too, DG........we're a fun lot, hope you enjoy it here!!! 42

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    Hi Rain!

    Thanks for the welcome!

    It is SO hard for me to name favorites. Of course I enjoy all the top skaters that everyone else does, but really don't claim to love any one more than any other.

    I guess the excitement for me is watching truly inspired performances. From what we've all heard, this weekend's TV viewing should be great for that!

    I also love seeing up and coming skaters "pushing" the top skaters to continually improve. I've always enjoyed watching Michelle over the years (how can you not enjoy that) but I'm glad she's upping her own technical ante with her new coach. If it works and she gets herself to a whole new level, that will be something to see. I love watching Sasha too, and hope she can get her mental game in order and also her scheduling plan in order. And I love others - Elena L, Arakawa, Fumie, etc.

    I was glad to hear that Plushy got beat - not because I don't enjoy watching him skate, but he is incredibly talented and I think he can become even more exciting if he has a reason to push himself.

    It's exciting to see the wonderful Chinese pairs challenging the Russian dominance. Now if the US and other countries could start producing some meaningful challengers....

    I'm sad to say that ice dancing has sort of left me cold for the last several years. I think part of that was the excessively rediculous cr@ppy judging - rarely any placement surprises regardless of the performance on the day. I hope that will change with COP, but I'm still having trouble getting my interest level up.

    Of course these are just my own opinions. LOL I almost cringe when I see the question "who is your fav" based on what I've seen in response to that elsewhere on the net.



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    Welcome doggygirl!! The only problem I have with this board is that there are not enough ice dancing fans on it.

    However, COP has already proved to be very, very good for ice dancing. Teams are actually getting recognized for being better or worse in different parts of the competition. Placings change! You can't predict who will win anymore! It's wonderful.

    There are still some things to be done getting the point system worked out, but so far, I am so thrilled with the excitement of ice dance this year.


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    Re: Welcome!!

    Originally posted by Dee4707
    Let's just say that most of us are.

    Speak for yourself! I am so totally NOT sane!

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