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Thread: Svenska Mästerskapen i konståkning 2011

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    Svenska Mästerskapen i konståkning 2011

    Swedish Championships in Malmö 14-18 December.

    A year ago there was the rivalry between Berntsson/Schultheiss/Majorov. Not so exciting now with B retired and S healing his back injury.

    Alexander Majorov
    Michael Neuman
    Mathias Andersson
    Daniel Neuman
    Anton Marberg
    Daniel Carlswärd
    Lucas Wickström

    Viktoria's to lose. Joshi, Linnea and Isabelle probably fighting for silver and bronze.

    Viktoria Helgesson
    Joshi Helgesson
    Linnea Mellgren
    Isabelle Olsson
    Angelica Olsson
    Malin Taljegård
    Cecilia Frydén
    Susanna Frydén
    Emelie Fagerlind
    Rosanna Soufizadeh
    Christine Adrian
    Fredrika Lasome

    1 Emma Eriksson
    2 Sofia Wollert
    3 Sara Bergander

    + Juniors, Novices and 2 pairs

    Entries, Results and Shedule

    Live stream

    Central European Time

    Thursday 15 December
    19.00 Junior Ladies SP

    Friday 16 December
    17.45 Junior Men SP
    19.10 Men SP
    20.20 Ladies SP

    Saturday 17 December
    16.15 Junior Ladies FS

    Sunday 18 December
    10.30 Junior men FS
    12.20 Ladies FS
    14.15 Men FS
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    Junior Men's Free skate now live here.

    Junior Men SP
    1 Nicky Obreykov 44.24
    2 Josef Oscarsson 42.91
    3 Marcus Björk 42.91
    4 Bertil Skeppar 41.43

    Ladies SP
    1 Viktoria Helgesson 55.95
    2 Joshi Helgeson 50.73
    3 Linnea Mellgren 50.03
    4 Isabelle Olsson 46.76
    5 Angelica Olsson 37.41
    6 Malin Taljegård 32.22

    Free Skate starts in about an hour. Live stream.
    Two spots for Europeans at stake.

    Men SP
    Alexander Majorov 75.24
    Mathias Andersson 47.45
    Michael Neuman 47.16

    Majorov did a great SP with an excellent 3-axel. With Adrian and Ondrej not competing there is a big leap to second place. There is talk about Adrian having a slipped disk. But Adrian said at the press conference that he is heeling well and is preparing for Euros, so we'll just have to wait and see. Crossing my fingers

    Men's Free Skate starts after the ladies.

    Junior ladies final results:
    1 Elin HALLBERG 125.3131
    2 Rebecka EMANUELSSON 122.9442
    3 Josefin TALJEGÅRD 114.5914

    Review from day one.

    Review from day two.

    Review from day tree.

    Photos from day 1.

    Photos from day 2.

    Photos from day 3.

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    Final results Junior Men:
    1 Nickey Obreykov 136.14
    2 Marcus Björk 133.16
    3 Josef Oscarsson-Eriksson 123.91

    Final results Ladies:
    1 Viktoria Helgesson 164.10
    2 Joshi Helgesson 148.43
    3 Linnea Mellgren 135.65
    4 Isabelle Olsson 128.59
    5 Malin Taljegård 104.79
    6 Angelica Olsson 102.56

    Final results Men:
    1 Alexander Majorov 218.77
    2 Mathias Andersson 142.69
    3 Michael Neuman 142.05

    Young boys 15:
    Big age differences, but promising kids. What will be of Nikolaj Majorov(11) so cocky and self conscious. I am happy about these five and the junior guys doing this "girly" sport Giving Sweden hope for the future

    1 John HALLMAN 88.2121
    2 Illya SOLOMIN 83.3912
    3 Nikolaj MAJOROV 75.7234
    4 Mandus THORMAN 75.6343
    5 Nathanael REMSTEDT 54.1555

    All results.

    Review from day four.

    Photos from day 4.

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