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Thread: major prayer request

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    major prayer request

    Hello all, as many of you know I am home schooled but I also take classes at the high school. I was excited this year as I'm a senior and the senior class is gearing up for graduation. However as I was figuring out everything the new principal said "NO" for me. Why? Because I'm a home schooled student, therefore I am not a student of KCHS. I was lied to then, as he did not make this decision until after we spent over 500 $$ for graduation stuff a class ring a jacket and a sweatshirt(so we went full out, sue us! LOL) He said I should "compromise" and drop home school and return to public. I can't do that because we can't afford to reimburse the school district for my courses that we ordered for the second semester. I can understand not letting just any home schooler to graduate, but the program I'm with is part of the school district... and we were promised 3 years ago that I would be able to graduate at ANY school I chose whether I took classes or not. So I'm doing more than most. But KCHS has taken this stupid stance.

    Anyway we are meeting with him on Tuesday(my 18th bday... how wonderful) and I'm hoping to talk him down to putting his decision on hold till next year when the students will be in enough warning. I am hoping to get some of my "friends in power" to help me out... but I wasn't able to talk to them today as they are getting ready for the senior ball tomorrow.(nothing like wait till the last minute to get it going LOL) so I don't know if it will work.

    Please pray that God's will be done... and that His will is that I get to graduate with my class LOL. I know it's selfish but I just feel so....... I dunno.... helpless in the whole matter.

    Ok... that was a lot of typing... sorry if I've lost you at all LOL I'm just so frustrated right now. I'm off to write to my Aunt now... she sent me an awesome CD for my bday... Avalon!

    <>< Toni ><>

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    Re: major prayer request


    How awful for you that what should be such a fun and exciting time is being ruined. Sounds like the principal is against home schooling of any kind. Can you go to the school board? I will keep you (and the principal) in my prayers.

    In our school district there is a controversy now regarding home schooled kids (unlike you these kids are totally home schooled) who want to participate on the school's sports teams. I have mixed feelings on this. If the school isn't good enough to educate your child, why should your child have the privilege of representing that school's athletics programs and why would you want your child to? On the other hand the child benefits not only from the athletic activity, but also from the socialization with other children their age. Of course that also opens up another can of wanting to play for the school that will give them the most playing time, or has the best chance of being a championship get the picture.

    Good luck!


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    Re: major prayer request

    I'm so sorry to hear that you're having trouble; graduation is a Big Deal and for someone to make promises and not keep them bites the big one.
    Do you have the promise made several years ago in writing somewhere? That would be helpful. So, perhaps, would going to the meeting of the school board.
    Good luck.

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    Re: major prayer request

    unfortunately it's not in writing...

    our school district only allows those of us in the school district corespondance program to be able to do the extra curricular stuff... and we have to take 2 classes at the highschool... normally we take classes that are too hard to learn on our own(I take math) and electives that you can't do on your own(like drama)

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    Happy Birthday!

    Just wishing you well today - Happy 18th Birthday! (confetti, streamers, noisemakers...)

    How'd it go with the powers that be?

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    Don't give up!!

    In hope you do not give up. Try to talk to some school board
    members. Tell them what they told you 3 years ago. Point out
    that it is the hard studies that you are taking in school.

    Maybe a state senator or rep. or the Dept of Ed of your
    state can give you some help.

    Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MinnMan ========= John

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