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    Japanese Nationals - Ladies

    Ladies SP skating order

    1 佐藤未生 Sato Miu
    2 中村未夏
    3 谷川奈穂美
    4 中村愛音
    5 友滝佳子 Tomotaki Kako
    6 石井綾香
    7 瀬藤愛里
    8 庄司理紗 Shoji Risa
    9 鈴木春奈 Suzuki Haruna
    10 近藤里奈
    11 宮原知子 Miyahara Satoko
    12 今村紗羅
    13 大庭雅 Oba Miyabi
    14 鈴木真梨
    15 那須野光
    16 廣野真衣
    17 木内千彩子
    18 村元小月 Muramoto Satsuki
    19 村元哉中
    20 村上佳菜子 Murakami Kanako
    21 石川翔子
    22 長谷川奏
    23 西野友毬 Nishino Yuki
    24 河野有香
    25 今井遥 Imai Haruka
    26 高山睦美
    27 浅田真央 Asada Mao
    28 國分紫苑 Kokubun Shion
    29 鈴木明子 Suzuki Akiko

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    Here's a video of Mao's practice report/news story about how she's been since the death of her mother. It's worth the watch. Also includes footage of Mao as a little girl and it's really cute. English translator over the Japanese.

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    Good luck to all the ladies! Special thoughts with Mao. I miss Fumie - but can't wait to read all about this comp and see videos.

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    OMGosh, I thought Japanese Nationals were the same time as Russian Nationals, that is this weekend, now I see they're going on now!

    GOOD LUCK to Mao ~ here's hoping she secures her 5th National title, with 5 more to go, as I recall she said her goal is to win 10, which would make her the greatest Japanese female skater in history (Midori Ito holds the record with 9).

    And another SHOUT OUT to the one & only phenomenal Mr. Daisuke Takahashi ~ here's hoping he, just like Mao, secures his 5th National Title as well, though I fear no man can match Nobuo Sato's record holding 10 National Titles!

    GET IT ON - LET'S GO TO WAR! (as they say in the "Warrior" Movie)

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    emma, is there the video you posted about Mao somewhere else? The link doesnt work

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    0 Not allowed! - Mao's practice video.

    She landed nicely a 3Lz at 1:58(the flutz is still there, but slightly) and a beautiful 2A-3T combo at 2:03. Her 3F looks solid as a rock but the 3A is very shaky.

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