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    Quote Originally Posted by seniorita View Post
    111 is not a bad score, it is just not her season best, I wish I could see as many 111s in the forthcoming Euros!
    It is a good score. Remember, Liza obtained her season best score of 120.85 in seniors. However, she has now reverted back to juniors in which free skates only last 3 minutes 30 seconds (compared to 4 minutes for seniors) and there is one less element (junior girls do not have to do a spiral sequence). Had Liza had the extra 30 seconds and the spiral sequence, then she would probably have got around 116.00. Hence, the difference between her seasons best and what she did today was the fall on her triple flip, the single axel in her 1Ax3T combination, and the -0.60 GOE on the triple loop. Moreover, she skated first of the 6 competitors in the final group and the judges would therefore have marked her conservatively to allow room re the remaining skaters. I also get the impression that the Judges at these Olympics are being quite tough in terms of their marking compared to the GP/JGP.
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