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My impression at the time was that in the first year of the CoP the judges were pretty much at sea about what the program components were supposed to be about. Sasha was real pretty, so she got a good "second mark.
I thought the judges were only watching Sasha from the knees up and were completely ignoring her feet, especially her scratchy stroking. The wobbling from edge to edge on the flutz and flip take-off was, quite frankly, scary. At least in the SP she had speed going in her favour she was able to rotate and land the jumps, but in the LP the lack of speed or attack did her in.

I'll freely admit that the feet are the first thing I look at in a skater. Adrian Chew once said I have an "edge fetish". If the feet are good, I'll enjoy the skater. It's why I liked Sarah Hughes, because aside from the flutz, Sarah had lovely feet. From the knees up, she had posture issues and lacked great lines, things Sasha excelled at.