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Worlds: D/R (to finish around 5th), MT/M (because they have the most international ranking points compared to the other teams, only missed the GPF by a sliver, generally have had the most consistency throughout the season compared to the others, have more content than the others in the program to generate points, and have the strongest possibility of giving Canada 3 spots for pairs next season)
I'm sorry that M-T&M messed up in the LP because my ideal team would have been D&R and M-T&M but Dube and Wolfe really skated the best they possibly could and won the silver fair and square.

I think Meaghan and Eric could possibly medal at Worlds. I don't think their scores at Canadians were inflated at all. They didn't skate a clean LP in their GP events and still scored well. Just adding in the marks they missed with mistakes would have given them around 125, without any GoE or PCS boost for a clean program with those difficult elements, so 129 or more for a clean program internationally is entirely possible for them. The Zhangs are weak in basic skating, SBS spins (a strength for D&R), and transitions. Pang & Tong often struggle with the jumps and haven't competed at all this season. Bazarova & Lirianov pretty much maxxed out their score at TEB. They're doing lower level elements than the other teams and are prone to making mistakes. K&S just pulled out of Europeans due to his recent surgery, and it's difficult to know what kind of shape they'll be in at Worlds. They do have gorgeous programs this year, but they too are prone to mistakes, and Yuka never hits a really nice position.

I know I'm not the most objective person when it comes to D&R, but I'm starting to believe that, if they skate as well as they did at Canadians, they could beat everyone save V&T and the Germans.