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Thread: Takahashi's SP vs. Chan's

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    People seem to be mistaking bias with an informed opinion.
    Oh please. You have been in the internet long enough to know that when someone has nothing to say, they say "bias" or "troll". Your patience to talk to those generously, amuses me.

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    In my eyes, Takahashi's programs and his skating in general far surpass Chan's. Takahashi always manages to intertwine power, speed, passion and emotion into his skates. He is just simply amazing. Chan, I guess, is technically unbeatable though I could watch Daisuke perform clean jumps all day. Chan seems to construct his program in such a way that his technical ability is highlighted and his weaknesses (expression, overall showmanship) disguised. In short, the quality and emotion of Takahashi's skating far surpass whatever technical (one-foot footwork ect) prowess the judges see in Chan's.

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