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i feel bad for rachael, a lot. i hope she doesn't read forums like these, a lot of the things people say would hurt. yes it probably is going to come down to either college or skating, but i know she doesn't want to think that. she's a very ambitious and driven girl, but no one can do it all and be perfect. and if you can, you're just crazy i'm still rooting for her though, and even though her PCS has been inflated at times, i've always loved her confidence and consistency. i hope Reliable Rachael isn't gone yet, but just taking a vacation.
I'm pretty sure that, fortunately, Rachael is too busy to be lurking here. I do think she should probably choose between skating and school for now even though I know she really does not want to. Her grades are honestly probably suffering too- even if they are high I find it hard to believe they couldn't be higher were she not trying to do both.

I personally think that, if she is serious about skating competitively, she should put off Stanford until after the next Oly cycle is over. I TOTALLY respect that it is her choice to make and I will not judge/hate on her for whatever she decides, but I am a few years older than her and I understand in a way she maybe doesn't that actually, it won't be the worst thing EVER if she graduates at 24 or 25 instead of at 22 and then graduates med school at 29 or 30 instead of 27 or 28. Most people who go to med school now (or at least a good few that I know) take a few years off between undergrad and med school anyway to do peace corps, other work, teaching abroad, whatever so she'd be graduating at the same age as them anyway.

This is just my opinion; again, I totally respect it's her life and it is up to her. However, she is at this point (again, in my opinion) just tarnishing what was a relatively strong, or at least solid career.