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well i find strange to eat a hamburger or hotdog in an actual competition, unless there is an ice resurface or something, as I wouldnt in a theater or somewhere people were actually performing something in front of me etc..
but I didnt find sushi in Megasport arena either, last time I was there!
I think Sheffield arena was fine, had lots of bars, and as you were sitting for 100 hours per day in competition, it was ok to eat stood up in the bar for ten minutes. Or could go to practice rink next door with a super pink bar and big couches!

The banners / flags situation sucked indeed, it was not normal all the scrunity there was. Maybe it had something to do with their Olys or tv rights?
As also the exit green door that all arena had to go to one only exit!
I think the Green only exit was at the start andmiddle of the week, by the end I was getting in and out of the red doors too without any problems!

I also brought sandwiches with me every single day which I ate during the skaters performances (admittedly it was the earlier groups). But people would come back into the Arena following an ice resurface with food bought from the concessions and eat them while watching the skating. I'm not sure what else anyone was supposed to do especially on saturday with Men's LP and Ladies LP, if you wanted to watch all of the skaters!

Wasn't it Irina Slutskaya who mentioned people eating hamburgers in the stands years ago?