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Thread: Free Dance

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    B/S's routine is boring, her dress is awful! P/B really deserved the GOLD. I liked C/L very much, they are much expressive and I would placed them second. I don,t like the I/K routine, they are one of my favorites but I like their dance much more when they were trained by Zhulin - Shindler's List, Don Quixote were great and to be ever remembered. Next year for instance I will not remember their Ave Maria.

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    My favourite program yesterday was of R/T. Emotional, soft. That is a pity they did not manage to keep the 3rd place. I hope they will continue to improve and climb the rankings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by katia View Post
    Bobrova/Soloviev: I can't be arsed to finish this program. Even with the improvements, it's still a bore. My biggest fear with them is their coach. Their coach complained that they weren't scored at the level of V/M and D/W at the GPF and that it was unfair.
    Imaginary Pogue,
    Which coach? I've read on ISU site that B/S have 3 coaches.

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