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I stand by my comments about Dick being very chatty. He may not have been super wordy when Michelle skated, but he sure was for plenty of other people, especially if he was criticizing them, something he almost never did for Kwan except perhaps for her layback.

If you would note in my comments about Kim, I am critical of her delivery and not her content. In contrast, you are focusing on her content and not her delivery. Both are important to good broadcasting. I never implied or declared that she could not improve.

As for Johnny, the tone of the criticism of him last night from multiple posters was a little harsh for my taste and seemed to center on not just the volume of his comments, but also the fact that they were not typically masculine in their content. Peggy for instance frequently focused on many of the same things as Johnny did last night (hair, makeup, fashion, music, mood, etc.) during her 30 years in the booth. Tracy, by contrast has made use of references to other sports in her commentary in both the US and Canada (especially baseball and basketball; perhaps something she's familiar with as a mother of sons). In truth Johnny made no greater number of obscure references than Scott does about guys being guys wanting to show each other up, girls being either adorably cute or women being stunningly beautiful, his being outjumped by Boitano and Orser or just grunting and screaming every time someone jumps or does spins he never did.

Ok this is really not worth arguing about beyond this point, particularly given how utterly inconsequential it all is.
I'm not going to read back through all the posts, but I don't recall anyone saying Johnny's comments weren't "masculine enough". I resent what you are implying there.
Yes, Dick & Peggy did comment a lot about hair, costumes, etc, and when they did it while a skater was performing, I found it just as annoying.

As for the volume, that's an issue with IN, and not with Tonia, Johnny, or the other guy, (sorry, I forget his name at the moment).

My own personal preference for commentators is that they speak as little as possible, while the skater is performing, and that their comments apply only to what's happening on the ice.
Save the comments about hair, funny things the skaters have said, coaching issues, etc. for before and after they skate.

I realize that others disagree with me. That's fine. It's just my opinion.