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    Men Free Program

    Starting order

    Starts at 11.55 gmt

    I had my notes on a paper that went wet from the heavy rain so not many details cause it all went blue.

    Practice Men
    Everybody looked tired

    First group

    Israel athelte. Alexei Bychenko, Yesterday we thought with Ant he is called Alexei Plyousenko or something, and thought it was funny.

    Ignatenko. Ukraine athlete! I liked him, blonde mullet and great posture. Did his jumps.
    German athlete No2 is really good.

    Second group

    Liebers shouldnt be so low, he has charisma and he stands out. Run through, marked his jumps.
    Voronov lp is worse than the football sp. Btw Morosov I ve been looking at him all these days, he dresses the same and looks like Batman especially if it is 7 am in the morning.

    Third group

    Belgian No2 , Hendrix had really good practice.
    KVDP fell in first attempt of quad and he probably seemed injured, He was holding his hand after and he didn’t do much. Left early. His quad didnt work in last sp practice as well.
    Contesti had a mess practice, his landings look always akward. He left early.
    Majorov did full run through.
    Joubert started well but tripled quad, and then the music kept playing, he didnt do program, just spins and footwork, he looked in good mood, looking forward to seeing matrix. Saw his mama backstage.
    Chafik is really lovely, you cant but support him. His program starts nice with Massive Attack music but then the cut changes, and I dont like it. He has many fans.

    Fourth group
    Arthur tried 3loop, one ok, one doubled, one quad , 3axel , footwork and he left early. I dont remember why he doesnt like the lutz. Great music in his program. He had a failed attempt on another quad and the music kept going for a while. In his run through Plu was standing and watching.
    Strange to see Mishin coaching two athletes at the same time, it has been some lots of years?

    Amodio did run through, hit a quad but I didn’t noted down if it was 4t or 4s.. I hate this program. And it has vocals.

    Plushenko 3axel, 3lutz-3t, 3axel-3t, 3loop. Quad attempts :2 tripled, one Ur and hard fall, one 4t, one 4-3 then footwork, spins and he left. No run through. Seems in pain at the end.

    Tomas was hitting all his jumps, anyway it is great to see him skating so good. Hit quad (two footed) and we all cheered!Left the ice last! And was smiling a lot, he can actually win this!

    Fernadez has a great split jump in his footwork that I didn’t remember. Jumps looked good. I also noted down quad but no what it was.
    Brezina I really don’t remember if he came, I have nothing on paper, really I must have been tired, I have a memory gap!

    Plushenko practice parts from italian fan video 1 video 2 and two more of Verner come after.

    I have also ladies notes from yesterday practice but they skated the sp now, so it is late to post them...
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