If I were to attend something like Holiday on Ice, I'd go expecting to see luxurious costumes, group numbers, lots of fancy and elegant skating (blade work). I should not be considering it to be a sporting event, but rather, a theatrical display of elegance and skill.

When I have attended eligible competitions, I was not looking for those things. In the Men's event, I looked forward to a display of difficulty overcome, risks taken, a striving for the nearly impossible, a contest between the skater and the limitations of his own stamina, a reaching for the sky, one might say. I would go expecting to see sport, a singular sport in which the player is out there all alone, all his errors showing, with no other player upon whom he can blame them. I would go expecting to see courage and will. I would go hoping to be thrilled, not merely entertained. I love men's figure skating for the thrills. Sometimes I would see something so whole, so beautiful, so exquisitely expressed, that, like the rest of the audience, I would fall silent with awe. This, too, I came to see.

Tastes differ, so we all must agree to disagree. To a great extent, that is what a discussion board is for, i.e., the airing of disparate opinions.