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Mirai...oh dear. I think the first thing someone needs to do is have Frank write 1000 times on a blackboard, Mirai is not Michelle Kwan. Mirai is not Michelle Kwan. That music just screamed Michelle Kwan to me. And it simply doesn't fit Mirai's personality. In fact, as much as I think Frank is a wonderful coach, I think Mirai should seriously consider asking Mr Nicks if there is room for her. It's the Bela Karoli trick: pit two top prospects (in this case, Mirai and Ashley) in practice on a daily basis, and let their competitive spirit take over, so that they push each other on a daily basis. It's certainly done wonders for Jeremy Abbot and Adam Rippon this season...
It'd be sad that Mirai would have to encroach on Ashley's territory (ie. working with Nicks) just to get some motivation out of her. I just don't think she wants it bad enough. Call Ashley cocky or overconfident, but at least she knows what she wants and attacks for it. Ashley made visible changes to her skating and now she's reaping the rewards for the hard work she's put in. I've never heard Mirai say anything but "I want to be the best"... It's easy enough to say that but her actions have never reflected that statement. We get the same stories we've been getting since she was 15 about how she's lazy and lacks the motivation to practice and that she's emotional or she let's the negative voices get in...I'm sick of the excuses at this point.

I think it's a shame that the only time she seems motivated to skate is when Evan Lysacek is skating on the ice with her. That's pathetic. :sheesh: Why is it so hard for her to motivate herself? The reason Evan is a world and Olympic champion and the reason Michelle Kwan is the legend she is is because they worked for it. Frank didn't have to kick them in the @$$ to get them to work. Michelle and Evan did it because they loved the sport and they wanted to be the best, thus they put the work in.

I know I'm being really hard on her, but I'm SO frustrated with Mirai!! God, why can't she get her sh*t together?! It's so upsetting because for the past two years I've rooted so hard for her and damn near every time she's let us (the fans) down. It's sad really. I think her time with Frank has passed. She's stagnant at this point which means it's time to move on. He's tried his hardest but Mirai hasn't improved much...she's actually regressed a bit, especially when you look at what she did in 2010 to where she is now. That light that she had has gone out...the energy and excitement is completely gone. She looks nothing short of depressed whenever she skates now...I just keep thinking back to that girl I saw just two years ago and it breaks my heart that someone so promising can't seem to pull herself together. She needs to make some changes next season. I never thought I'd say it, but she needs to leave Frank and train elsewhere. Maybe with Rafael, whom she seems to like. She needs to find a different choreographer. Lori just ain't cutting it for her. Mirai excels with upbeat energetic music, something that compliments her personality. Her programs this year were too far of a departure from who she is and it's obvious she wasn't really feeling either of them. She was never comfortable being "sexy" in her SP and that LP was a boring disaster that stifled her personality to the point that she was complete void whenever she skated it.

Something needs to change for this girl and it needs to change now if she's shooting for a trip to Soichi because right now it's not looking good for her at all.