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Thread: Senior Ladies Free Skate at 7:00 pm EST.

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    Gracie is amazing. As soon as she has her first full Senior season, she will probably become "the favorite". Will she implode or become the next Yuna? Who knows, I do not want to dream anymore.

    Agnes is very technically proficient and powerful. She is a different type of American ladies champion and I like it, a lot. She has the goods..

    Ah sigh.. Mirai.. Brian Orser and David Wilson but she can not afford it. Kwan/Oppegard? Michelle is a fan I think... I would almost beg MK to work the magic and get her to the family rink.

    Alissa is a ballerina... beautiful, graceful, gentle and feminine. I just do not think that it would be fair to have her go to Sochi 2014 when we have such amazing younger skaters with better jumps and more possibilities. We need the younger ladies to start making a name for themselves. Alissa is the top American lady right now, despite Ashley winning Nationals and this needs to change because if we enter Olympics season with her at the top of the national field... well.. we have as good a chance as we did last Olympics...

    It would be a lot easier to postpone school and pursue skating but it seems that even she knows her studies are her forte. It would be awesome if she retired on such a high note. She actually had "a moment" and that is amazing after all the negativity that stemmed from Worlds.

    Ashley seems to have something to prove. She wants to do well and is fired up. This is good for any team. She is pushing herself and pushing others (wants to recover 3rd spot at Worlds). I do not enjoy watching her skate but I appreciate that she has the quality of a good team player and we need this.

    Agnes is powerful across the ice.. She reminds of Irina Slutskaya when she jumps.. The height and the power. She is not MK, she is not Sasha Cohen, heck she is not even Alissa but she can jump!! When was the last time we had a solid jumper at the top?

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    i think gracie is the top contender for sochi. she has already had a growth spurt and if she doesn't have another one could have her already consistent 3+3's, a 3A which she is currently working on, and maybe a quad. that's huge for a lady.

    mirai needs to find her love for the sport again and make a change, and in my opinion it is changing coaches. to who, i don't know. but i don't think her and frank aren't working well anymore. their personalities kind of clash. and to try a different choreographer.

    i would like to see alissa stay till 2014. she's only been with yuka and jason for not even 2 years yet, and i think it would be too soon to cut her success short. i'm in support of her all the way and would be very heartbroken if she retired this year. she has a quality that no other skater in the world has right now IMO.

    rachael has to choose between school and skating and she needs to make it now. it would be much easier for her to continue skating now and go back to school later than finish school and come back to skating (i took a year off and came back, it doesn't work too well, it's extremely hard). i would like to see her stay until 2014 also or at least one more season. although she has a lot to improve on, she has a lot more potential if she puts in the work. rooting for her!

    ashley doesn't impress. it's great she worked hard to win nationals, but there's something i don't like about her skating. its like she tries too hard in her movements...not the jumps, but like arm movements and interpreting the trying too hard with the facial expressions and being pretty. but i hope she has a couple good skates at worlds.

    agnes doesn't impress me much either, besides her jumps. i love the height she gets on them and her spins are decent. the rest needs work. but i know it's only her second year as a senior.
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