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What influenced you to such a conclusion that makes no sense. That they might not make it to worlds next year is not likely but possible if suddenly another Russian pair becomes better than them. However, at Vancouver they were 11th and didn't skate so well. If they go to next olympics, they will definitely be higher than 11th obviously. D/C should worry more because usually 3rd Russian pair is still better than 1st American pair and will definitely be ranked higher at worlds if both go clean.
You misread me. I replied to your assertion that B/L will not be out of the top 10 unless injury. They should worry about their spot first. And by 2014, even if they want to place outside of the top 10, they wouldn't even get that chance. They will be staying home injured or not. D/C should worry about what to do for fun in Sochi. They will definitely get that Olympics experience. Sadly, you can't say the same about B/L. :D