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Thread: Senior Men's Free Skate

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    Oh, that's right, Kurt too. What fun it's going to be!

    Someone on FSU reported that it was wonderful (he/she viewed it live at the arena). Enjoy the movie, and I hope you get to see the Pandora program soon. Maybe someone can start a thread about it.

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    Jason Brown = magic.. such an amazing unique quality, mesmerizing. Skip the 3A and go for the quads as far as a I am concerned.
    Jeremy Abbott= BEST American skater ever.. even though I still prefer the music and packaging of his 2010 winning FS, gosh I am so upset that he did not skate that piece like he did at Nationals at Olympics uggg.. will never get over it.. Add the planned quad to the SP and program will reach sublime status.
    Adam Rippon= FINALLY showed what he is capable off! Get better bring in two quads and skate faster Adam!!!
    Richard Dornbush and Ross Miner= bring in further consistency and add quads now please..

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