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W&P are a team that wrote the book on how to succeed in Canadian ice dance when TPTB are not beating a pathway to your door.
When W&P debuted on the GP circuit, they had no success at all, finishing well back in the pack at their first Skate Canada. C&P, OTOH won the silver medal at their first GP event, and were 4th at TEB shortly thereafter. They were on the podium at every GP event they skated thereafter. W&P debuted at Skate Canada in 2008 and didn't make a GP podium until Skate Canada in Kitchener in 2009.

I strongly disagree that W&P were being held down or held back by Skate Canada. I was at Canadians when Vanessa fell in their FD and W&P finished 3rd to C&P's silver medal. W&P were tight, slow and had numerous little bobbles and missteps in theire program. They skated not to lose. They didn't fall but they didn't attack either.

When Vanessa bounced her butt off the ice, the two of them took off like the devil himself was chasing them and they nailed the rest of their program with speed and attack so I thought the decision a good one, although I really wish we'd had three spots that year. To their credit C&P got us that third spot so both teams were able to do the next year.

W&P were not being politiked to third place in Canada. It was reasonable and justified. And to their credit, they saw what they needed to do to improve and they've worked hard.

I am sick to death of people blaming politics for stuff that has to do with the skating, not who your coach is.