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Thread: Adelina Sotnikova

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    Adelina Sotnikova

    Here is an interview with Sotnikova ,and also shows her practicing 3f-3t and 3s-3t.I don't know if this was already posted enjoy.

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    She should go with the 3F-3T instead of the 3Lz-3Lo. This way, she would have a higher chance of getting positive GOEs when she does a clean combination. Good luck to her in the future. Interesting interview.

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    Wonderful wonderful interview, thanks for posting it!

    I'm torn, Adelina captures my heart (same as Mao), and I wish them both all the best in the world, but being an American I too wish for success her in our American Ladies Singles Skaters, which has loooooooooong been a tradition for us dating back to Tenley Albright, when she won America's 1st Olympic Gold in 1956. And an American Lady has always captured an Olympic Medal since that time UNTIL recently; this past 2010 Olympics was the first time that we didn't. Not to mention Worlds, double cry. Therefore I'm hoping our ladies step up to the plate, at last, as Etta James sings.

    Still, I'm a figure skating fan first & foremost, and the "the heart wants what the heart wants"....

    By the way, if I were Adelina I would go with the 3F/3T as opposed to anything with a 3R on the end, which she frequently underrotes. Jmho.

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    Interesting to hear she and Eliza basically get along/are friends. I was also struck by what she said about not listening to her coach about leaving some difficult elements out and trying to do them anyway-honesty I am not sure that is the best long term strategy. Perhaps she should listen to her coach. Either way I wish her well. She seems like a lovey person with a good head on her shoulders.

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    She had to do 3Lz-3Toe for junior worlds in the SP last season and she underrotated that too. She is more comfortable with the Loop right now, it would seem.

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    I really like Adelina, she is a humble person
    part of me is worried for her at Junior Worlds as she has been struggling a bit this season
    I think she should go for 3F-3T, she is prone to underotations in her 3lz-3Lo, but she has been using that all season
    we may see her do one of those combos for her SP in junior worlds.

    good luck to her, I hope she has her full confidence back
    I don't care if she wins again, I just want her to have her high spirit back.
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