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Is there any possibility for European Skating fans to watch 4CCs?

So far I've only found coverage on

- Universal Sports

- IN

- ISU skating channel: http://livemanager.eurovision.edgesu...pay/index.html

But none of it works for me, because I'm blocked out on each of them. It's very annoying, because I'm actually willing to spend money on the coverage (regardless of the channel).

Eurosport isn't covering 4CCs. Is a Russian TV station, CCTV or a Japanese TV station covering it? Or do I have to wait until a kind soul puts it on youtube?
Do you have a satellite dish facing south? I live in the UK and I have one. I can access Raisport 1 & 2, which broadcasts most of major international FS competitions, some live real time, others with a few hours' delay. For 4CC, they will show on Raisport 2 :
10 Feb 22:20 - men's SP
11 Feb 22:30 - pairs' SP, ladies' SP
(presumably similar coverage the following week, the programme schedule is not yet on their website).
I am a big fan of Raisport FS coverage. The fact that Italy has Caro and Berton/Hotarek helps, I guess.