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Thread: Patrick Chan Interview with Maclean's

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluebonnet View Post
    I don't think Jettasian said anything wrong in the quote. It is a sport, a unique sport. It is defined as sport, not as art. As an athlete, Chan has sufficient artistry to take him to the top and dominate this sport. A great athlete can accomplish that while the finest artist cannot.
    Thanks. I was simply replying back to the poster saying something like he can't be the greatest since he's not an artist, yet. Artist belongs to shows, not competitions.

    And one thing I am puzzled is that, by the way many people have said about Patrick's artistry is that it seems like his artistry's bad or has none at all, which of course is untrue. I thought his artistry is just fine. I just feel that Patrick doesn't have a lot of weaknesses as a figure skater, people have to find "something" to criticize about him. And artistry is always the very subjective issue. I mean, his "starfish hands" and now "his head and neck". Come on, what's next? He doesn't use his eyes to side-eye the audience enough?

    If he is like Stojko (whom I think was pure athleticism, minimum artistry), then I can understand. But Patrick is far away better than Stojko in that department.
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    Actually, there is an artistic quality to anything that is really, really well done.

    A really soaring Tonya Harding lutz was a thing of beauty in its own right, for example.

    The line between artistic and athletic is not as bright as many commentators have tried to make us think.

    If you love to see a thing well done, then it is very easy to call the person that did it an artist.

    People with a different, more "arty" definition of artistic will disagree with you; be prepared for it

    I'm always a sucker for seeing something well done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluebonnet View Post
    It is a sport, a unique sport. It is defined as sport, not as art.
    I concur. Indeed if it is just an 'art' it shouldn't have a place in the Olympics. It is a 'unique' sport as any artistry added to it, is like icing on the cake. It is easier to judge sports as there are tangible criteria. In art as in music, there will always be an element of personal taste hence there will always be debates as to who is better/right. I love to watch gymnastics because a great execution is like a work of art (as Doris pointed out). And gymnastics is easier to judge since there is no 'dancing/moving around the ice for more than a few minutes' and no music (except floor gym).
    I don't think Patrick thinks he is 'perfect' for if that is his attitude, he will never stay ahead of the pack. He knows where he needs to improve to keep moving forward - His 3A is getting consistent. This young man is blessed with innate athletic talent and fortunate circumstances (very supportive parents and home crowd - see how they rally behind him despite the Reuters interview mishap .. bless you Canadians). I enjoy watching him grow and improve .. like a work of art ..improvement upon improvement and the final product .. a great near perfection skate as in his recent Nationals.

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    A Japanese forum has long probably complete quotes from the press conferences.

    Patrick Chan (CAN), 2012 Four Continents Champion
    Today I actually felt pretty nervous going into the long, more nervous than I’ve been in a long time. I was very happy. I stayed focused after a rough practice this morning. I took the time to rest and I did the elements really well. I learned a lot this week. (on skating for a smaller crowd than he’s used to) It was a shock in the short program. Daisuke and I just came from nationals where it was a full house every night. It’s odd to be at an event to not have audience to pump you up this late at night. For the long program, it was familiar territory. But we’re such good athletes that we get on the ice and do not pay so much attention to the audience. It was weird but it was good and different. (on feeling altitude) I can say that training here is different than actually competing here. I didn’t have an advantage of training here. I hit the wall at a point going into the last spin before the last triple Lutz. I was quite dead. I had to stay on my feet and not get too big because that’s when you lose your balance. For Daisuke and I, going to Worlds, it gives us confidence that it will be easier. I told myself going into my last spin that this is going to be the hardest of them all. It was interesting because last year I didn’t do Four Continents because it was in Taipei so I sat out. I like to see every competition as a training day. Every day I come in and put 100 percent in to it. I kind of have the mentality of taking every competition with the mentality of putting 100 percent into it. Every day I come into each event I feel intimidated by the others. I feel just as on my toes. It’s a mentality I take. I take it seriously. It’s all about developing. Developing as an athlete, developing the sport. Every skater has something to bring to the table. Daisuke, and now Ross.
    eta. Oops, that was meant for the Patrick Chan fan thread, but I'll let it stay, just as this thread topic had actually been discussed earlier in the fan thread, so something can be in both, eh? If I post it there too.
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