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    swandie27 swandie27
    Patrick had sort of an up and down practice. Daisuke's practice was fine but not too much success on quad.

    Next 2 refer to the same Chantelle Kerry of Australia

    annmjensen Ann Jensen
    chantelle a beauty. Nice voodoo daddy music

    examinerskating Jackie Wong
    Kerry - 3loop (fall), 3toe (ur? fall), 2axel

    examinerskating Jackie Wong
    Kohpon - 2axel, 3sal, 2flip-2loop - wrap wrap wrap

    examinerskating Jackie Wong
    Conservative skate from Kohpon, but clean - let's hope we get a bunch more of these clean programs today

    annmjensen Ann Jensen
    Too many costumes on Miss Lau. #lookinmirrorandtake4thingsoff

    blazingblades Peter Murray
    Skating to Blood Theme from TV show Dexter, Miss Lau must be portraying femme assassin!

    Major props to Singapore's Brittany Lau for skating to music from the show "Dexter."

    But then,

    annmjensen Ann Jensen
    @icenetwork no. This music is AWFUL. Don't care if show is good or not. Not melody. iCK

    JunoConsult Alexandra Nelson
    There are skaters from Thailand, Malaysia, and the Phillipines. Who knew?

    Do the next 3 refer to the same music?

    examinerskating Jackie Wong
    Take Five, Six, Seven, Eight ..

    dapperderp jen
    Ah balls, not another Take 5. I can't listen to this stupid song anymore.

    annmjensen Ann Jensen
    Love the look, love the music, love the bangs! #Zhaira!

    skating102 Axels Loops & Spins
    Zhaira Costiniano is adorable

    examinerskating Jackie Wong
    Costiniano - 3lutz (<< 2ft), 3sal (sorta stepped out), 2axel (fall)

    JunoConsult Alexandra Nelson
    Axel from shoot-th-duck. No axel, no shoot-the-duck.

    Not sure who:

    Xanboni Xan Nelson
    Gonna to complain abt this skater's lack of readiness for prime time, but not b4 I point out that I wish I cld skate 1% that well.

    Ah. Questions answered.

    swandie27 swandie27
    Take Five is getting irritating but Zhaira Costiniano looked like she was having fun out there.

    blazingblades Peter Murray
    @examinerskating some very nice edge work. Enjoyed the ebb and flow Zhaira created.

    Costume diss:

    Xanboni Xan Nelson
    I can see EXACTLY the iconography of pink swirls and a glove with the celtic music. It's perfect. /sarcasm.

    examinerskating Jackie Wong
    I would've never thought "Irish dance" w/that costume.

    Xanboni Xan Nelson
    Ok, this is actually soem celtic take on Simple Gifts. I'm lost.

    More digs on the costum

    annmjensen Ann Jensen
    Why a samba dress for Riverdance Reyna?? I like Riverdance.... Rough skate...

    hotincleveland Truly S.
    My opinion of #4CC so far: Skating has come a long way since the days when you could tell the bad skaters by who had the worst costumes.

    Xanboni Xan Nelson
    @annmjensen @examinerskating She got dressed in the dark.

    swandie27 swandie27
    So sick of Love You Like a Love Song! I have to hear it multiple times a day at work!

    hotincleveland Truly S.
    What #4CC has revealed to me is that the old days are gone. Today, even the bad skaters have absolutely lovely costumes.

    I forgot Tim David is manager of Team Philippine until he keeps posting pictures of adorable Zhaira Costiniano. Hi Tim. When are you gonna post again to update us on our favorite Philippine skaters?
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