Whom would you name as the 2003 FIGURE SKATER OF THE YEAR

(The period covers only 2003 (and includes the recent GP events and final.)

Plese Note: Pars and Dance couples will be considered as one skater.

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I am listing my reminescences (SP) of the year and not my order of choice. Please dispute or add others but do select one and only one choice.

Evegeni Plushenko Worlds Gold; 3 gold GP events, all while suffering with a torn miniscus.

Michelle Kwan Worlds Gold; she showed renewed vigor in her skating and has now changed coaches.

Emanuel Sandhu GP Finals Gold; he was the big surprise and had the skate of his life thus far.

Sasha Cohen 3 solid gold GP events and arguable the most flexible skater on the circuit.

Kevin Van Der Perren Breakout skater in 2003 and now a contender for the top tier.

Fumie Seguri GP Finals Gold and now finding her way for more.

Song Gao Another breakout skater in 2003 and so smooth over the ice.

Shizuka Arakawa Finally getting the attention which is long overdue.

Shen and Zhao Worlds Gold and GP Finals gold as well as 2 GP gold events. From Puccini to Tschaikowsky and brilliant.

Navka and Kostomarov GP Finals gold as well as 3 GP gold events. A very welcomed improvement over last year.