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It's not over, and it won't be over even after worlds. I see no reason to tear down either team. We should just be thankful we've got these two to have such a GREAT rivalry and push teh sport.
My friend from Nashville has been a D&W fan since they were kids in the same way that I’ve been a V&M fan since they were little. Since 2005, we’ve been in awe of one another’s teams but we both think that our kids are the best and in 2005 we both said that we thought we’d be having this discussion for years to come.

After the Olympics, my friend said “OK, we’ll give you that one”. Now she’s not so generous. I think we both win when both teams skate like they did in the LP at the GPF. And after Scott fell in the SP, I said “OK, you get that one”.

Worlds is going to be awesome. I really hope both teams bring their best. Then we all win. But after the FD at the GPF I said “I don’t know which one was better. They both looked great!”. Yes, I want my team to win, but I don’t want them to be given a medal, I want them to win it. (I still feel guilt about that bronze in 2009.)

So for Worlds, I want both teams to skate their best and let the judges work it out.