Beautiful dances for the top four.
Interesting how Virtue/Moir actually won free dance in both face-to-face competitions, GPF and 4CC. And they won by technical score, while Davis/White both times got higher PCS.
Judges definitely love Das Fledermaus: a spot on Funny Face couldn't beat in program components a laboured Fledermaus.
I think the levels were right: I for first noticed a lack of complete rotation in D/W spin. But I don't understand the level 3 twizzles.

Generally, I am not totally persuaded of level calls.
Let's take the Short dance at this competition.
Looking at the protocols, only Madison Hubbel and Xiaoyang Yu, the Chinese lady, did correctly the chocktaw in the Rhumba sequence.
I'm a bit perplexed. Eight of the world class ice dancers attended the competition, and none of them did perfectly the difficult choctaw; only two second tier ladies succeeded.
Well, everything is possible, but I see some randomness.