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Thread: Daisuke Takahashi

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluebonnet View Post
    Takahashi and Chan have real friendship, not just out of politeness, as we've seen in several videos.
    Some people should really get out of their rock. What you see on several videos is a normal attitude that people demonstrate here to each other at any working place, like an office, a shop or a kindergarten. But nobody call it friendship. In your world maybe people do not act friendly and generously to each other on a regular basis (like Chan who unlike two Japanese didn't mention any of his current rivals as "his favourite skater"). But cultures differ. In some places it's a norm to keep the harmony. Yet, it doesn't mean you will be invited to the person's house as a friend.

    Btw, folks, Dai said he is planning to have two quads in LP next season:

    Go, DAI!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ravensque View Post
    I think he has a "crush" on her.
    Hahah so cute!! I think he finally got to hold her hand during the Exhibition :D

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    Originally I was not a figure skating fan, until I saw Daisuke's performance at the Olympics. It blew me away, and the rest is history. I rooted for Patrick at first because he was the poster child for figure skating in Canada haha.

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    I like them both and can appreciate the skating skills of both of them; however, as much as I like Dai's skating, I am in awe of Patrick....I enjoy the comraderie between these two competitors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by let's talk
    Btw, folks, Dai said he is planning to have two quads in LP next season:
    I just love how the poeple were screaming after Dai said he wanted to try 2 quads in his FS next season!
    And because it needs to be said over and over again: his 'engrish' is just adorable ^^

    If I remember correctly, he said somewhere else that he'd try the 4F again, if his 4T is getting good enough. I want to see that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Li'Kitsu View Post
    If I remember correctly, he said somewhere else that he'd try the 4F again, if his 4T is getting good enough. I want to see that!
    Yes, he did: " After my surgery before this season, I went to France and was taking ballet lessons, working a lot on my basic skating skills. This made me improve my spins and triple jumps, so that I could focus more on training the quad instead of losing time training the other triples. The flip is actually my second quad, I focused on the toe this season. I feel more confident about the toe, so next season I will practice the flip and maybe other quads, too." (translation by japanskates). Those words "other quads" made some J-media to speculate what quads could it be. But my guess he would stick with 4F. I like how he performes this jump. Also, it could be just two 4toes, one in combo, as so many skaters did. Will see.

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    I'd love to see him have a 4F4T

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    It is the thing which I translated for a thread of Yuzuru, but writes it here because the conversation of Daisuke is included.

    I calibrated translation of this video. And I wrote it again as follows. I translated it without minding number of characters. I'm sorry to be too long.

    Woman caster Yuko Ando) Daisuke Takahashi who won a silver medal wonderfully and Yuzuru Hanyu who won a bronze medal came here, now. Congratulations! Though you are tired, thank you. Please tell me the story later.
    Caster Yuko) Sorry to make you come on a day of such terrible weather. and made you wait.
    Caster Yuko) It is the first time in history that plural Japanese men enter the winners' platform in the world championship.
    Daisuke) I really think it to be a nice splendid achievement as a member of the Japanese men skater.
    Caster Yuko) Did Hanyu talk in this way before? 「Daisuke Takahashi and Patrick Chan are existence on clouds. 」 The impression that you stood in the winners' platform with them?
    Yuzuru) Because there was not an actual feeling fighting on the same stage though I was tense when I entered the winners' platform, it's miraculous.
    Caster Yuko) How does Takahashi think of Hanyu?
    Daisuke) I think fierce for me. He has all. In addition, he can get the atmosphere of the audiences in the stadium.
    Caster Yuko) The audience did beating time with hands in the latter half of the FP.
    Yuzuru) It helped me. It's really glad. I do my best and think like Takahashi from now on that I want to be able to do it.
    Caster Yuko) At that time of Takahashi, the audience was in high spirits.
    Daisuke) It was helped very much that time by big encouragement of the audience.
    Caster Yuko) Fierce younger skater follows you.
    Daisuke) I seem to be really overtaken by him. I'm terrified. I try so hard that it is not overtaken by him.
    Caster Yuko) You are frank. I was surprised. Then, let us watch your performance together.

    Narrator) The audience cheered the performance of two samurai and many Japanese national flags shook in stadium. And, it is the first splendid achievement in Japanese history that two people won medals at the same time.
    Daisuke Takahashi succeeded quadruple jump that did not succeed so far in free program. He didn't mind pressure. and he showed strong heart in world superlative performance. And he let combination jump of the high relative difficulty succeed and attracted the audience by world's best steps and his mature charm. And he won a silver medal.
    17-year-old Yuzuru Hanyu showed courage not to mind pressure of the first participation. He let jumps of high difficulty succeed steadily. And, it was unexpected fall. But he was not discouraged at having fallen down, and he proved a strong heart. He thought of the revival of victims and finished spirited performance and received the cheers of the audience. After he raised a hand, he was relieved. He finished satisfaction performance, and he hug a coach. Focus, coach had a tissue cover of Winnie-the-Pooh. Pooh attended the kiss and cry too. Is Pooh a favorite of Hanyu?
    Takahashi and Hanyu knew each other's results and praised good fight. Two Japanese national flags were raised in a commendation ceremony, and it was proved that Japan was a kingdom of the figure skating.

    Caster Yuko) Did Takahashi watch this performance of Hanyu for the first time?
    Daisuke) Yes, because he skated earlier than me.
    Caster Yuko) How did you think to see this?
    Daisuke) I have not yet watched all. Everyone said he was splendid. I want to watch recorded video after going home.
    Caster Yuko) Takahashi's quadruple jump was good.
    Daisuke) No, because but it was dangerous. I feel shiver, still now.
    Caster Yuko) Really? Was it time of that landing?
    Daisuke) I thought so later when I watched that video.
    Caster Yuko) But did you survive it?
    Daisuke) I did it somehow. I was anxious about only a quadruple jump. Because I thought that it was all right if even quadruple jump succeeded, I was relieved to be able to make landing.
    Caster yuko) How did you think to see a performance of Takahashi?
    Yuzuru) I felt force and dignified presence. I finished my performance and felt relieved, but thought that I should aim at the nobler performance like Takahashi.
    Caster Yuko) Hanyu is a good younger. You fell down during footwork, that time.
    Yuzuru) I felt that time stopped at that time.
    Caster Yuko) But you did recover immediately, wasn't it?
    Yuzuru) I was encouraged for applause and cheer of audiences.
    Caster Yuko) This is mysterious. Your lucky-item?
    Yuzuru) Lucky item, mmm.
    Caster Yuko) Do you like? or dislike?
    Yuzuru) I like it.
    Caster Yuko) When there is Pooh, do you calm down?
    Yuzuru) Yes, I calm down.
    Caster Yuko) Is this indispensable?
    Yuzuru) Because it is a stuffed toy, it's stable and always does the same face.
    Caster Yuko) I see. Takahashi, are there lucky-item?
    Daisuke)There is not it.
    Caster Yuko) Do you not mind it?
    Daisuke)I don't do that I am nervous about omens either. I think that adaptation to circumstances is good. Because I hate thinking with worry without it.
    Caster Yuko) I will put this for the time being to do an interview well. Mainoumi, please.
    Caster Mainoumi,Former sumo wrestler) At first, congratulations! I ask such a question, when you fatigued. sorry. What is necessary to win a gold medal,in The Olympics? At first, Hanyu.
    Yuzuru) I am not yet such an existence. At first I aim at the participation. Therefore I want to do my best for all-Japan championship.
    Caster Mainoumi) Takahashi. How about it? What is insufficient thing?
    Daisuke) All is not enough to me. Because young skaters with ability participate, I cannot be careless. At first for me, quadruple jump, and physical strength and spin. I watched Patrick Chan and thought so.
    Caster Mainoumi) It seem to have charity show for earthquake disasters in April?
    Daisuke) It began in Kobe last year. It is the 2nd to perform in Kobe. We want to continue it for a long time.
    Caster Yuko) Do you think the strength of Patrick Chan to be what?
    Daisuke) What... I feel confidence for him when I practice together. I see him to be confident of his training.
    Caster Yuko) It is written in the book of Hanyu that "I do not want to do skating with Patrick".
    Yuzuru) Because it is the existence that I can never overcome. Of course Takahashi too. I don't yet feel like be able to beat other skaters.
    At the time of press conference, I was glad that Patrick said to me in this way."You just shined most". I want to catch up with him sometime.
    Daisuke) I want to beat him, too.
    Caster Yuko) From children, there was such a question. "How can you spin faster?"
    Daisuke) I think that I want him to teach me. Because I'm slow.
    Caster Yuko) Ahaha! How do you do it?
    Yuzuru) I cannot but practice.
    Daisuke) I cannot do it even if I practice. Teach me.
    Caster Yuko) Does Takahashi want to do spin faster than now?
    Daisuke) I am slow than others. It's my weak point.
    Caster Yuko) Tsubakihara?
    Announcer Tsubakihara) It is the question from an audience."Have you wanted to quit skating?"
    Caster Yuko) At first, Takahashi.
    Daisuke) I thought so many times. When I was injury, I thought so in particular.
    Caster yuko) Is it hard to show a motivation again at such time?
    Daisuke) I was helped by close people. And I likes skating above all.
    Caster yuko) And Hanyu?
    Yuzuru) Because I liked baseball, I was at a loss. Because the particularly first coach was fierce. I wanted to quit it several times. haha
    Caster yuko) The coach, was a woman? or a man?
    Yuzuru) Woman.
    Caster Yuko) But you did continue it.
    Yuzuru) So I like skating. I presented successively with much effort, and father and mother supported it, too.
    Tsubakihara) The next question, favorite sports and weak sports? And the hobby?
    Daisuke) I am weak in a ball competition.
    Caster Yuko) Ball games?
    Daisuke) Tama... Oh, it's so. I am weak in ball games. sorry haha. I like the track and field comparatively whether it is proud. If it is sprint, I am not so slow.
    Caster Yuko) Your hobby?
    Daisuke) My recent hobby reads.
    Caster Yuko) May I hear it in detail?
    Daisuke) It may not be interesting.
    Caster Yuko) What kind of book?
    Daisuke) Various. I like horror novels.
    Caster Yuko) Do you like being scary?
    Daisuke) Yes, I excite, what happens after it.
    Caster Yuko) Hanyu, what are weak sports?
    Yuzuru) I am weak in soccer and basketball.
    Caster Yuko) Even if you can play baseball?
    Yuzuru) I can do the baseball all right, but cannot hit a basketball on the goal ring.
    Caster Yuko) Is the baseball good than other ball games?
    Yuzuru) Because my father played baseball. But my basketball play is terrible.
    Caster Yuko) And your hobby?
    Yuzuru) My hobbies are video games and music.
    Caster Yuko) What kind of music do you listen to?
    Yuzuru) It's J-POP. I am asked about "Do you hear classical music?". I don't listen at all. These that I hear recently, Hi-Fi CAMP / PornoGraffitti .
    Caster yuko) Oh, I can not understand the talk. (I do not know a recent musician.) Next?
    Tsubakihara) The next question. You eat together? And do you talk about skating?
    Daisuke) Because we are different in a base; after a competition sometimes. We did not talk about the skating. isn't it?
    Yuzuru) Yes.
    Caster Yuko) Do you talk about the love?
    Daisuke) No. Girls may do the story of the love. When talk together; in this way "The movement of this skater was interesting". We don't talk about the skating seriously. Other in this way "That skater is great." "That failure was laughable."
    Caster Yuko) Are you careful about a meal? Hanyu in particular is thin.
    Yuzuru) I am careful about nothing. When I want to eat it, I eat. And do not eat when I don't want to eat it.
    Caster Yuko) Do you not have the likes and dislikes?
    Yuzuru)There are not the likes and dislikes for food particularly. But, all of anything is not edible.
    Caster Yuko) I prepared a favorite of Daisuke Takahashi. These are croissant. Did you already ate?
    Daisuke) The fan bought it for me who heard that I said, "I wanted to eat it!" in Nice. French croissant was really delicious.
    Caster Yuko) Then ambition of the next season.
    Daisuke) "Steadily steadily." I think about my situation. And I want to progress even little by little. Because there was not it, I change such a character.
    Yuzuru) "LEVEL UP!" I was able to give satisfaction performance in the last of this season, but cannot expect the further evaluation. I improve skating and want to increase the kinds of the quadruple jump.
    Caster Yuko) Mr Taro Kimura such as Winnie-the-Pooh. Is there the question?
    Taro Kimura) There is not it. Please get a lot of medal and presents in competition and the Olympics.
    Caster Yuko) I want to see gold and silver of dazzling. haha. Please do your best in health carefully. Thank you.
    Daisuke& Yuzuru) Thank you.

    The day when this broadcasted was the day of strong winds that many trucks were overturned.
    Original was around 25 minutes, special feature. As for the thing uploaded in Youtube, some videos and conversations were omitted. My translation watched the thing which I recorded. The other part which is omitted of the video is about an earthquake disaster, and messages from children of Sendai for Yuzuru.

    Please forgive me for my poor English. If there are place not to understand meaning, please point it out.
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    ^Thank you for the translation.

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    Thanks for your translation! My two favorite parts are when Hanyu said he wanted to give a "nobler" performance to emulate Takahashi. That's the way I think of Daisuke as well: there's a nobility to his skating.

    The other moment was when Hanyu said that Winnie-the-Pooh is his good luck talisman. How adorable!

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    To think we might never have seen Hanyu skate (if he had become a baseball player).

    The way the media say "bring us lots of medals [and not bronze]" is a bit scary. US media are not so blatant about pouring on the pressure.

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    I'm overjoyed for Daisuke being back on the podium where he belongs. Then yesterday I realized that with Daisuke and Chan both being on the podium, we can't have him come to Skate Canada. We've been blessed by having both Patrick and Daisuke at Skate Canada in two of the last three seasons. The highlight of Skate Canada in Kitchener in 2009 was seeing Daisuke skate his Olympic programs so beautifully I really thought he would win the OGM. Those are my favourite Takahashi programs of all time. This year, we got to see Blues for Klook in it's original form. It was much changed by the time he got to Worlds but in Mississauga it was amazing the way he became the music. Loved it.

    Guess I'll have to go to London to see him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spun Silver View Post
    To think we might never have seen Hanyu skate (if he had become a baseball player).

    The way the media say "bring us lots of medals [and not bronze]" is a bit scary. US media are not so blatant about pouring on the pressure.
    I don't think that's what the hosts meant, they might please "bring us a lot of medals in Olympics and World Championships, and may Japan go 1-2" (as oppose to 2-3 because it is natural to aim for the highest rankings). I think the Japanese will be more than happy with a Bronze from a rookie

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    Let's try to not drag the fan threads down into fan wars. They never end well and in the end we have to deal with closing a thread out because of the nastiness. You get your licks enough times over in the competition threads as well as other discussions in the edge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dorispulaski
    I'd love to see him have a 4F4T
    As one combination? I didn't even think about something like this

    Thanks let's talk for bringing up the exact quote.
    Yes, if he'll go for two 4Ts I'll just be as proud of him, but it would be so nice to have him the first human to ever land the 4F in competition! And it does have a higher base value; and I love his flips in general (just as I like his 3A)

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