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Yeah but in reality who would they replace Gachinski and Voronov with?

Plushenko is recovering from surgery.
Menshov, Grigoriev, and Dmitriev have been a mess this season. And Menshov is schedule for a Senior B that week.
I guess they could have sent Bariev, but he's just as inconsistent.
Gorshkov doesn't have a 3axel, and Kovalev doesn't have much senior experience either.

And that's your top 10 at nationals. Kovtun finished outside the top 10 but was 3rd at Junior nationals. Maybe they want him to get more experience???
thank you for reminding, watching those list in russian men's figure skaters other than Zhenya
they need new blood, in fairness, Kovtun did have a meltdown at senior nationals falling on his quads and 3A so that's why he wasn't in top 10

maybe they are investing in Kovtun now after regretting putting Dimitriev Jr. over Kovtun at Junior Worlds, lol