The distinction about "medallists" in the 1980's is a false one, since the reasons the free skate experts were not getting medals was their school figures, not their lack of jumps:

As to jumps in the 1980's, Midori Ito, Kristi Yamaguchi & Tonya Harding were often landing more content than Kostner does today, as well as Liz Manley. Ito had all her triples, landing her first 3A in 1988, Harding had all the triples less the axel, and Kristi was lacking the axel, and never could do a decent 3S.

Not to mention the 1987 World JR Champion, Cindy Bortz, whose jumps did not survive her transition to seniors.

Ito's 1988 LP at the Olympics is still one of the finest ladies' technical skates ever.

As to medallists in the early 1980's, Zayak landed more than 4 triple jumps, although she did not have the triple lutz or flip.