^ She is not the first or last to withdraw from an event. Many skaters in Russia skip Nationals for various reasons too. Give her a break and Mishin also. It was her first season and she had far more travelling than the rest juniors because she went to GPF on top of Japan Open and her Gp in Canada. Adelina didndt qualify for GpF and didnt go to Japan Open, her one Grand prix of the two was in Moscow, so you dont know what she would do if she had the travel time of Elisaveta. I think Mishin listens to his skaters, if she is tired, and she looked a lot tired after Nationals, emotionally and physically, there is no reason to push her more, especially now she is still growing up.
Maybe they dont want Liza to go back in juniors program and move on, something I remember Ashely had done in 2010 JW, cause she didnt want to lose time training her programs again for juniors.