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Thread: I've been offered a job

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonichelle View Post
    Seniorita the Seavey Family are a three generation family of sled dog mushers. They race in the Iditarod - - and in 2004 Mitch Seavey won the race. Grandfather Dan Seavey helped create the Iditarod 40 years ago. Mitch's sons have also run the Iditarod (Dallas Seavey is the most competitive of the boys). My job will be to run their social media and online reservations (in the summer time they give dog sled rides/demonstrations) basically I get paid to play on their twitter, website, and facebook all day - ish. lol
    I thought you had said me something in the past and I thought it was a kind of your hobby like figure skating, so if I had understood well and you go work of them it sounds a thrilling idea to do your hobby a job!!! If there is no other problem moving out again, go go!!!
    Btw I opened the site you sent me and I dont know if you can imagine how brand new world is this to me, I had no idea! I watched the chapter one documentary so far and I m gonna watch the second!Scenery is beautiful as well, very different to what I m used to look! :P

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    yes, this is the other sport I follow religiously - possibly more so than I do figure skating! Mushing is a sport for a different breed of dog and human alike. They are freaking amazing, all of them!

    For anyone interested in who I'm working for, here's a segment one of the local news stations did last night -

    Let me know if the link doesn't work and I'll figure it out.

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