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Thread: Cain and Reagan End Partnership

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    Strength in the jumping abilities of the girl is definitely a key asset, so we will see. I cannot imagine that it was always straight forward and easy though, for him to be part of a team where the coach was the girl's father. In that situation, the priorities must have always been a bit of a paradox for Josh, with Ashley skating both singles and pairs. When she went off for her Junior Grand Prixs, he was left to train by himself. Not an optimal way to prepare for Senior Grand Prix events in pairs, and if you are him, you are wondering whether the compromises are not sufficiently aligned to your goals.

    Good luck to them both. Need more strong pairs and if it took cleaving and re pairings, that seems the nature of the sport in the US unfortunately.

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    Cain is a great jumper. I am a huge fan. Cain and Reagan had a coaching team that included 4 coaches, so I think Reagan would have alot of additional help and support. In this situation I would hope Reagan would be smart enough to work with one of the other coaches while she was away to improve some of his own skating skills. I believe she competed in 2 Grand Prixs this past season in singles and they did 2 Grand Prixs in pairs. Wish they were still together but hope for nothing but the best for each of them in their perspective futures. I will be following!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Serious Business View Post
    Caitlin better be waiting outside Joshua Reagan's rink with a giant net. A rapid-firing taser would also be prudent, to use on the hordes of partnerless pairs women no doubt trying to poach Joshua.

    Anyone know why Ashley and Joshua ended their partnership? Does Ashley want to focus on her singles skating? Did she get too tall for Joshua?
    LOL, just looking at this thread, so funny SB!

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    At this point, we haven't seen any press releases or interviews, discussing what Josh's exact plans are. But definitely inquiring minds want to know.

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