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For me, the "complete package" applies to the all round best like Browning, Yagudin, Lambiel, Chan, Takahashi, et al. There are complete packages missing nerves/consistency such as Abbott and Sandhu. Some of my favorite skaters are great artists without the biggest jumps, like Sawyer, Beacom, Britten, etc. Some others may be even more beautiful to watch if they dumb down the technical contents further. They would made good show skaters but they don't get a chance without big medals. While I think Lysacek won his OGM fair and square, my problem with him is not about his on and off quad but lack of artistry and charisma. Kozuka and Oda are almost there, missing just a little to account for their relatively fewer wins.
There seems to be some that say Brown doesn't have a 3A so he's suddenly in the "great performers but have little chance of being a successful competitive skater in the future" category. And there are others who put him in the "complete package/all-around skater" category because despite the lack of 3A/quad he does seem to seem to have a solid handle on everything else (no UR/edge call triples besides the 3A, level 3/4 non-jump sequences, decent PCS).

My stance has always been is that he still has things to work on (including the 3A), but that he already shows an overall package that seems to have worked for him so far in his career and has yielded success as a junior-level skater. I think that is what most people are talking about.

Certainly if he wants to get to that "elite" or "platinum" all-around skater category that will bode success at the senior level (a la Takahashi, Chan and even Abbott), he will need a 3A/quad + further refinement.