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Thread: Junior Worlds EX

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    Here is a playlist on another user's channel. There are some other skaters too:

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    Yanovskaia/Mozgov are talented but its appaling
    how Kustarova has packaged them into a mini Bobrova/Soloviev
    even her outfit is the same drag queen funeral like dress of Bobrova

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    Whoa Denis Ten's EX is *gorgeous* wow I was blown away! Also I didn't know Josh Farris could do a Rippon lutz, not a great landing but I'm impressed he managed to stay on his feet. Wonder if he plans to attempt it in competition atsomepoint in the future? That would be cool. Also I'm now officially a Yu/Jin fan, I think they are better than Sui/Han honestly. I know they don't have the quads but honestly I don't know how much longer Sui/Han will be doing those anyways, Han is so small and I'm not convinced Sui is actually 16 or done growing. I mean she could be, but, idk she's awfully tiny and young looking. She may need a new partner down the road. Plus they will never have the elegance of a team like Yu/Jin.

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    Wow, Gracie Gold has a blinding fast scratch I've never seen or noticed before at 2:28 (see here: ). And I really like her Biellmann because not only is it correct & lovely but also she bends her head backwards ala Caroline Zhang near the end of it.

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