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Thread: Christmas Trivia

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    Christmas Trivia

    "White Christmas" by Irving Berlin-
    No song has been recorded more often nor sold more copies. Estimated sales range from 125 million to 400 million. Irving Berlin first conceived the song in 1938 as a comic novelty number making fun of the New York winters in comparison to Christmas time in Beverly Hills, California. It's interesting to note that many of America's famous Christmas songs were created by Jews.

    Jesus born in the spring?- The early church fathers agreed that Jesus was born in the spring, but in the 4th century, when the Roman Catholic Church began to observe a Feast of the Nativity, it placed the holiday on Dec. 25th in order to compete with the incrasingly popular pagan festival Saturnalia.

    Monk turn Santa Claus- It took 1500 years to turn Nicholas a third century monk from Myra in Asia Minor who was revered for his charitable good works, into Santa Claus the jolly old guy that we have known to drop down chimneys and leave gifts.

    "Traditional American Christmas"- celebrating faith, family, gift-giving, tree-trimming and carol-singing- was a creation of the 19th century domesticating what had become an increasingly raucous carnival holiday marred by drunkenness and violent outburst of class resentment.

    Can anyone else add to this list of Christmas trivia?

    Happy Holidays to all!

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    Great idea, dlk.........Christmas cards originated in the 1800's, started slowly, caught on, and have been popular ever since........

    I made the mistake of mentioning the July birth of Christ to my 2nd graders and you should have heard the gasps. We were studying winter celebrations, and I mentioned that the celebration of Christ's birth was moved to December to coincide with the winter festivals.........well, I didn't get any phone calls from parents, so I guess all is well............42

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    Show-thanks for including one about the Christmas cards.

    Hope all had a good Holiday.

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