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Thread: Pechalat & Bourzat news

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    Pechalat & Bourzat news

    According to their facebook, Pechalat & Bourzat may not take part of Worlds. Nathalie seriously hurt herself during practice. Her nose is broken and thursday she'll undergo surgery.
    After surgery she will try to return to practice as soon as possible.

    I hope she recovers well. It would be a shame if they couldn't compete in worlds especcially because the competition takes place at their home country.

    Get well soon Nathalie!
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    Oh no That is so unfortunate. I did so hope they could win a medal in Nice this year.

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    Oh, that looks bad. I hope she is well and isnt hurt anywhere else and will compete in Nice. Thats so bad luck .

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    That's terrible news I really hope she recovers in time but even if she does, they will have missed a lot of crucial practice time leading up to worlds. They just don't seem to be lucky with Worlds, do they ... Get well soon, Nathalie!!!

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    NOoooooo... ( ;_ ; )

    I did so want Nathalie and Fabian to finally win a World medal in Moscow, after waiting their turn year after year.
    I do SO want Nathalie and Fabian to FINALLY win a World medal in NICE in front of huge home crowd...

    Get well soon, Nathalie...(sobs)...

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    Gosh what bad luck, right before Worlds. I am not a doctor and don't know the severity of her nose injury, but
    I know other folks who broke their nose (of course they were not elite skaters) and were back to work in a few days,
    black and blue but ok. I hope this is the case for Nathalie.

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