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Thread: Judging the Judges

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    Re: It's everywhere

    sk8cynic - As I said before, the post was to show "all of the above" and, imo, what goes on in the minds of judges when they really have to make a decision of two or three top skaters.


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    Re: It's everywhere/Joe

    Joe, I get it now........guess it would behoove me to read through the whole topic instead of skimming it. My bad, lesson learned. <img src= ALT=":o">

    Having a bias either for or against something or someone is part of the human experience; we'd all be pretty bored if bias didnt exist......

    Where skating is concerned, there's likely to always be some degree of 'patriotic bias' by judges; what gets me are judges who manipulate the system in order to justify a biased mark (case in point: the earlier thread about the '94 Olympics). There have been too many instances over the years of judges and judging blocs flipping back and forth about "the most important aspect of skating [tech. or art.] for the sole purpose of holding up 'their skater.' An example: Vika's win at CoR. She's got good jumps, and is a far better technician than an artist. Vika skated a slightly technically better LP than Sasha (I still debate this but that's a whole other topic ), but her artistry was far lacking when compared to SC's, yet in the voting split the judges rewarded Vika with a technical win for an artistic program. Same thing at NHK. How Onda got higher artistic marks than Arakawa is beyond me!

    The bottom line is this: Subjectivity will never completely disappear, nor will bias, and (this belongs on another thread) until the higher powers get it through their thick skulls that anonymity is not the solution to keep judges in line, this sport is in for an uphill battle. We as fans and viewers realize this......why won't they?

    **Joe, I apologize for going off on a tangent......I think everyone who here on this topic has made some great analyses!

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