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Thanks Mathman for the link to Button thread (hehe) Heyang will find it most illuminating and I thank Dick for being a trailblazer in every aspect of skating. Sometimes he can be caustic but he was the best guide we had, a historian, and unafraid to say unpopular truths. He truly loves skating.

I agree MK followed her heart and did well skating, leaving great performances. While I was happy re USHOF news, it is sad to hear what Dick explained about non-existent world hall of fame. Seems like Dr larry runs the show and he wanted Mk this year. I would have preferred the old, nearly forgotten, get glory this year. MK could wait. How rare is it to get solely indutced to both halls same year? Sorry OP, no offense or rain on your parade. Have you read the Button expose of the FSHOF? required reading.

Sugar crash, to be continued to clarify.
Hey, I love Dick Button and miss his commentary. I learned a lot from the guy, but missed that thread as I don't view every thread. He certainly has some valid points about the hall of fame, but I don't think he's saying that those inducted don't deserve to be there - rather that there are several people missing. As mentioned in other responses, MK's sole induction is NOT unique. The induction itself IMHO is deserved and it's a shame that others who deserve to be inducted haven't been.