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Hi, I'm a longtime lurker of the GS forums, but I thought I'd jump in on this one! I live in the metro Detroit area and actually stopped skating just before high school because of cost, though my high school did have a figure skating team. I picked up skating again when I got to college and found the open collegiate synchronized skating team. Since then, the team has evolved into an intercollegiate freestyle team. Though Oakland University is not super competitive yet due to the program being so new, I am excited to see where this will go. We receive a lot of support from the school, which gives about $6,000 a year to the team. That pretty much covers ice bills, along with some other things. OU is located just 20 minutes away from the Detroit Skating Club.
You are soooo lucky that Oakland U gives money to you ice program. I am so jealous. I am trying to start up a program at my school, but it is so difficult for me to obtain any type of school funding at all which makes people not want to join because college is so expensive these days. The only positive point is that the ice rink 10 mins away from us are very enthusiastic about having a collegiate synchro program that they are willing to give us good ice pricing and their synchro coach is enthusiastic about helping us too. At least the good thing about creating a collegiate program is that you can be 1 person and still register for intercollegiate and compete.