The World Junior Synchronized Skating competition is taking place March 15-17 in Göteborg, Sweden.

Here's the event website:

The short program begins at 6:00 PM Göteborg time, Friday, March 16th.

The order of skate and List of Competing Teams:

Wight Jewels represent the UK
Hot Shivers represents Italy
Idel represents Russia
Majestic Ice represents Australia

Cool Dreams represents Switzerland
Black Diam's represents France
Team Berlin Juniors represents Germany
Frost Work represents Hungary
Duke Town Twinkle Stars represents the Netherlands

Team Spirit represents Sweden
Spartak junost represents Russia
Nexxice represents Canada
Team Convivium represents Sweden

Les Supremes represent Canada
Musketeers represent the skating club of Helsinki, Finland
Skyliners-represent the Skating Club of NY, USA
Team Braemer-represents Braemer City of Lakes FSC, USA
Team Fintastic reprsents Finland.
The long program begins at 3:30 PM Göteborg, time, Saturday, March 17th.

The results can be found here:

You can pay to watch streaming video of the event at Studio JWCC here