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Thread: Coupe du Printemps 2012 Luxembourg

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    Coupe du Printemps March 16-18 2012 Luxembourg

    Last competition before world's with mostly lower ranked skaters and young ones who need experience. But some obviously participating as a rehearsal for world's: Hendricks, Kelemen, Hecken, Pielmann, Maxwell…

    Also competing: Borodulin, Meite and Rakimgaliev. Good luck to Adrian Schultheiss at his first competition since his back surgery in December!

    Not much information but here is the event site.

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    Jorik in 1st after the SP with 70.20
    Zoltan in 2nd with 63.37
    Adrian in 3rd with 60.90

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    Belgium is sending Kevin Van Der Perren, So Hendrickx is not preparing for worlds.

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    Oh… good to hear that Kevin is fit and well again So Jorik was preparing as a substitute and until next season then Actually I thought Belgium had 2 spots for world's. Forgot that Kevin was 17th at last world's.

    Senior Men Final Result
    1 Jorik HENDRICKX BEL 190.58
    2 Zoltan KELEMEN ROU 180.94
    3 Franz STREUBEL GER 176.01
    4 Abzal RAKIMGALIYEV KAZ 175.07
    5 Adrian SCHULTHEISS SWE 174.57
    6 Mikael REDIN SUI 161.85

    Senior Ladies Final Result
    1 Sarah HECKEN 138.91
    2 Francesca RIO 135.15
    3 Mae Berenice MEITE 131.97

    All results

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