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Thread: Predictions

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    I hope K/S get the GOLD as well. They are my favorite Russian pair in the last 10 years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mathman View Post
    Why does it make Chan fans mad when people point out how far ahead of the pack he is?
    It's more like why does every Chan conversation always associate with "falls"? EVERY skater has falls, not just Chan. And if Chan wins, it's because of his programs, his superior skating skills, not because of his "falls". Chan = falls are getting SOOOO tiresome.

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    Just reposting from my post in the "the Edge" board

    G. Kostner
    S. Suzuki
    B. Asada
    4. Wagner or Czisny
    5. Leonova
    6. Wagner or Czisny
    7. Gedvanishvili
    8. Murakami
    9. Korebeynikova
    10. Zhang
    11. Helgesson
    12. Marchei
    13. Glebova
    14. Lacoste
    15. Kwak
    16. Silete
    Japan, US and Italy(barely) earns 3 spots and Russia (barely) looses theirs. Georgia and China earn two spots. Sweden barely missing the target.
    Suzuki really deserves to shine though

    G. Chan
    S. Takahashi
    B. Abbott/Kozuka/Hanyu/Fernandez/Brezina/Verner/Joubert...
    Not even going to bother. Too open
    Hoping that Takahashi wins though...

    G. V/M
    S. D/W
    B. P/B
    4. W/P
    5. Shibs
    6. B/S or I/L
    really similar to GPF

    G. S/S
    S. V/T
    B. K/S
    4. P/T
    5. S/H
    6. D/R
    7. B/L
    8. D/C or M/B
    9. T/T
    10. B/H
    11. D/C or M/B

    next time can we just have one predictions thread?

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    I read the opinion of all of you with fascination. And I thought as follows.

    1 Carolina Costner
    2 Mao Asada
    almost the third place
    Akiko Suzuki, Alena Leonova, Ashley Wagner

    1 Patrick Chan
    2 Daisuke Takahashi
    almost the third place
    Takahiko Kozuka, Javier Fernandez, Artur Gashinski, Jeremy Abbott, Michal Brezina, Yuzuru Hanyu

    About women, I think that Carolina's techniques and confidence are the most stable than other women's, in this season.
    And I feel that Mao hasn't conviction about techniques of her own yet.
    If they feel uneasiness during competition even for an instant, it influences performance. Of course it is not problem only for women.

    The first place and the second place of men will be either of Chan or Takahashi. I think it's approximately stable, if without big trouble.
    Then, who comes in the third place?
    I can't help paying attention to Yuzuru Hanyu. I referred to words of his own, and many Japanese news and newspapers.
    After Japan National, he improved quality of skating to make up for stamina lack and improved choreography between elements to get a better evaluations in PCS. He is stronger than many other skaters mentally, and he has highest success rate of quad of Japanese now, and is by no means inferior to Takahasi and Kozuka in TES.

    However of course it goes without saying that all skaters continue making an effort.
    I want all of them to do their best. So if miracle happens, I want to watch performances without miss and fall of all skaters.
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    Thank you for joining us, clyte. Welcome. I am glad the registration problems got straightened out. Happy posting!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mathman View Post
    Thank you for joining us, clyte. Welcome. I am glad the registration problems got straightened out. Happy posting!
    Thank you Mathman. I'm glad to be able to enter.

    I thank Doris which helped me .

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    You're welcome--and I'm glad to see everything really is straightened out.

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    1. Patrick Chan
    2. Javier Fernandez
    3. Takahiko Kozuka
    4. Daisuke Takahashi

    1. Ashley Wagner
    2. Carolina Kostner
    3. Akiko Suzuki
    4. Mao Asada

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    I'm just going to predict the medals, top 10 is too difficult lol.


    1) Patrick Chan
    2) Daisuke Takahashi
    3) This is a hard one. I wish I could say Brian Joubert, but I think I'll go with Takahiko Kozuka. If not him, then Fernandez, Brezina, or Gachinski. lol.


    1) Mao Asada
    2) Carolina Kostner
    3) Ashley Wagner.. or maybe Akiko Suzuki.


    1) Volosozhar/Trankov
    2) Savchenko/Szolkowy
    3) Kavaguti/Smirnov

    Sorry, no Pang/Tong on the podium this year I don't think.


    1) Davis/White
    2) Virtue/Moir
    3) Pechalat/Bourzat if there, if not, Weaver/Poje.

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    <Ice Dance>

    What I hope for:

    1 Meryl/Charlie
    2 Nathalie/Fabian
    3 Kaitlyn/Andrei

    My predictions:

    1 Tessa VIRTUE/Scott MOIR
    2 Meryl DAVIS/Charlie WHITE
    3 Nathalie PECHALAT/Fabian BOURZAT

    If, I hope not, but if Nathalie & Fabian are forced to withdraw, I think the bronze will go to one of Russian teams, whichever the cleaner team.
    My bet is, judges do not like the podium sweep by the North Americans two years in a row, and especially at the Worlds in Europe, they simply are not going to allow it.

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    Sorry they just don`t think like that weaver and poje have beaten the russian teams at the last two or three competitions and bobrova and soloviev twice at home, I like I&K i think they can become great but their programs are not that great i want them to beat the shibs though.

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    I stink at predictions.....I think Chan is the undisputed forerunner for Gold and it would be shocking if he messed up enough to loose it. So, I predict Chan. For the rest of the men - Taka, Abbot, Kazuka, Joubert, Fernandez, Hanyu, Amodio, Gachiniski all have shots at medals, but I think the first three to five I listed are most likley medal contenders (but really, anything could happen with this bunch). I would love to seem them all do well and let the points/placements fall where they may (and I would add that there are a few others, including Rippon, who I would love to see skate their best).

    After men's, I think dance is a shoe in for either V/M or D/W but have absolutely no idea who will take it - can't wait to find out. Can't predict further...but feel sooooo badly for the French team's injury and wish them the best. Hope W/P skate like they have all season ( or better )! I suspect they can win bronze. I'm really curious to see where the Shibs end up too....I think P/B will have a lot to do with this (whether they skate, and then if they do, how they skate).

    Ladies: Carolina seems to be in the driver's seat; but I would not rule out Mao or Akiko at all...for me this followed by pairs is the most up in the air gold and then rest of the podium; I'm not up enough on the Russians to say much, but it will be interesting to watch this...and for me, it will be really interesting to see how Wagner does and I'm routing for a clean Alissa wherever she places!

    Pairs: haven't watched enough to say; I absolutely love, love, love S/S programs, particularly their LP and would love to seem them nail it for that reason. V/T surely on the podium and maybe gold.

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    1. 2.Patrick Chan or Daisuke Takahashi
    3.... Takahiko Kozuka, Brian Joubert, Yuzuru Hanyu, Jeremy Abbott

    1.Mao Asada
    2.Carolina Kostner
    3...Akiko Suzuki, Alissa Czisny , Kanako Murakami

    I expect Mao's feeling return.

    Patrick and Daisuke are clearly special with other skaters.
    I expect Kozuka. He cited the problem of skating shoes as a cause of the disorder that was in the first half of this season, but it was already settled. He until the last season said it in this way. "the success of my quad was accidental". But he said in this way in this season. "I was able to acquire feeling (timing) when quad was certain by experience".
    If adjustment of Yuzuru goes well, it's surely run a close race against.
    I'm interested in a program of Kevin Reynolds. What rank is he if there is not deduction such as underrotated? Is excited.
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    I'll take a stab at it:

    1. Carolina Kostner ITA
    2. Mao Asada JPN
    3. Ashley Wagner USA
    4. Akiko Suzuki JPN
    5. Alena Leonova RUS
    6. Polina Korobeynikova RUS
    7. Kanako Murakami JPN
    8. Elene Gedevanishvili GEO
    9. Alissa Czisny USA
    10. Viktoria Helgesson SWE

    1. Patrick Chan CAN
    2. Daisuke Takahashi JPN
    3. Artur Gachinski RUS
    4. Yuzuru Hanyu JPN
    5. Michal Brezina CZE
    6. Javier Fernandez ESP
    7. Jeremy Abbott USA
    8. Takahiko Kozuka JPN
    9. Florent Amodio FRA
    10. Brian Joubert FRA

    1. Tatiana Volosozhar / Maxim Trankov RUS
    2. Aliona Savchenko / Robin Szolkowy GER
    3. Yuko Kavaguti / Alexander Smirnov RUS
    4. Qing Pang / Jian Tong CHN
    5. Vera Bazarova / Yuri Larionov RUS
    6. Wenjing Sui / Cong Han CHN
    7. Caydee Denney / John Coughlin USA
    8. Meagan Duhamel / Eric Radford CAN
    9. Stefania Berton / Ondrej Hotarek ITA
    10. Narumi Takahashi / Mervin Tran JPN

    Ice Dance
    1. Meryl Davis / Charlie White USA
    2. Tessa Virtue / Scott Moir CAN
    3. Nathalie Pechalat / Fabian Bourzat FRA
    4. Kaitlyn Weaver / Andrew Poje CAN
    5. Maia Shibutani / Alex Shibutani USA
    6. Ekaterina Bobrova / Dmitri Soloviev RUS
    7. Elena Ilinykh / Nikita Katsalapov RUS
    8. Anna Cappellini / Luca Lanotte ITA
    9. Ekaterina Riazanova / Ilia Tkachenko RUS
    10. Pernelle Carron / Lloyd Jones FRA

    Any other Danes here? Read my figure skating blog

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    Quote Originally Posted by deedee1 View Post

    When Russia seemingly had no other top pair teams after Totmianina/ Marinin, and desperately needed spots at Worlds and Vancouver, it was Yuko & Sasha who did everything for the federation. All the efforts, hard works and sacrifices they made should deserve at least, one World title. And this year's might be their best and last chance for the title.
    To be honest they were given plenty of opportunity to get the title. Like in at the Worlds-2010, IMO, they got the bronze at the expence of Mukhortova-Trankov. Don't get me wrong, I really-really like them, I like their programs this year, but they shouldn't be given a title just because they earned it through the long career. But if they won honestly I'd be really happy.

    My wild guesses:
    1. Chan (because, duh, who else?)
    2. Kozuka (not my cup of tea but he was really-really good this season)
    3. Anybody. From the usual I can only exclude Joubert (sorry to say that but I think he lost "it" and even the home crowd won't help). IMO, Takahashi, Gachinski and Abbott have the best chances, it'll depend on who'll be in the better mental state, who'll be able to stay calm and focused.

    1/2. S/S or V/T. They are on the same level and there's nobody else there. But then again it'll depend on who'll be more focused and in better physical shape. It was so close at the GPF so there's no way to predict who'll make that small mistale and get the silver
    3. Probably K/S or Pang/Tong.

    1. Kostner
    2. Mao
    3. Wagner or Leonova (there a lot more ladies who can get the third place but for some reason I think it'd be one of these girls)

    1. V/M
    2. D/W
    3. P/B (a. they are really good and likeable, b. it's France, they should get at least 1 medal)

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