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    Ice Dance Preview and Contenders

    Well if anyone can remember the introduction of vocals used in the free dance at Nice 2000?, the wonderful Free dance of Drobiazko & Vanagas to "Spente Le Stelle", the first medal for Lithuania, the battle for gold between Fusar-poli & Margaglio who won the original dance and home advantage of Anissina & Peizerat who took GOLD to thunderous applause with their "Carmina Burana" routine.

    Ice dance has seen a lot of changes since 2005 and more recently in the last two years, compulsary dances are thing of the past and the new Short dance has begun (which includes a compulsary set pattern).

    All last years's medalists are back and everyone is wondering whether Zueva & Co will get a clean sweep again - well they are guaranteed 1 & 2 at least but in what order?? The battle will be between Davis/White and Virtue/Moir many are considering are joint favourites for Nice so it will be an exciting and enthralling encounter. Both teams are very good in all departments so there is going to be no room for error between them, a slight slip or failure to get a full level will benefit one over the other here but lets hope they are close together and locked for the Free.

    The remaining bronze medal should have been a duel between the French team of Pechalat/Bourzat and the ever improving Weaver/Poje BUT I only learned of the injury to Pechalat recently and becacuse of the home advantage I was confident they would have got their first World medal here after a disappointing 4th last year - all that is in the air. Not sure if they will compete but if they do it will be very uncomfortable for Nathalie and the COP is so complexed enough that they might fall short. Weaver/Poje unfortunate as it stands should get a clear shot of the medal now, their Free Dance from the start of the season has been one of my favourites - all credit to Krylova & Co there.

    The rest of the best:

    Shibutani/Shibutani Shock bronze medalists last year - they have not really advanced this year, they still have the relative sameness about them and I wished they explored other music for the Free - still great to watch they have that Zueva look about them - very fast and flow around the ice - be difficult for them to retain that 3rd place this year.

    Bobrova/Soloviev Have to say disappointed with them this year. I loved their programs last year but like the Shibutani's have not taken a step ahead this year, might be difficult for them to get top 5 here, we shall see.

    Ilynk/Katasapalov Excuse me for the spelling - Love this couple and love their FD this year certainly their strongest part of the competition - I hope they have made some adjustments to the SD to give them a good shot.

    Cappelini/LanotteLove this couple to but vice versa for me here where the SD is very strong one of the best SD's this year but a rather weak Free to "La Strada" An over used piece of music and everytime I hear this I can only think of Rahkamo & Kokko and Usova/Zhulin who used it to the best potential.

    Long shot but Ralph/Hill another couple I love this year and just love their tango Free Dance which is very classy - Love their lines - I hope they do well.
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