View Poll Results: Which country will get that pesky 2nd (or 3rd) spot?!

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  • Canada: Amelie Lacoste

    12 11.01%
  • China: Kexin Zhang

    28 25.69%
  • Estonia: Elena Glebova

    4 3.67%
  • Finland: Juulia Turkkila

    2 1.83%
  • France: Yretha Silete

    4 3.67%
  • Korea: Minjeong Kwak

    4 3.67%
  • Sweden: Viktoria Helgesson

    31 28.44%
  • <KEEP 3> Russia: Polina Korebeynikova, Alena Leonova, Ksenia Makarova

    53 48.62%
  • <GET 3> USA: Alissa Czisny, Ashely Makarova

    48 44.04%
  • <GET 3> Italy: Carolina Kostner, Valentina Marchei

    35 32.11%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Ladies 2nd Spot

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    Quote Originally Posted by npavel View Post
    I think Italy gets the third spot and USA too. Not so sure for Sweden, Viktorias last competition at Challenge Cup with 142.4 was far worst than Czisny
    Viktoria bombed her short at Challenge Cup(I think on trying a 3-3 toe) and did 1-lutz and a 3-toe-fall in FS. She has not done two clean programs this season with her intended tricks. I also think she doesn't get the points she deserves in PCS. At Challenge Cup Free Skate her PCS were 8 less than Alissa's(-1 in skating skills and -1.5 in choreography e.g.). Though Alissa gave an extremely bad performance. So yes, I guess Viktoria has to do her very best to finish top ten. Crossing my fingers though!

    If Italy wins three spots, who is their third lady?

    I am pretty sure A&A will earn the three spots for US at last

    As will the Russian ladies and the Japanese. It would be nice if China and France could win two spots, while they have more fine talents at home.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jammers View Post
    The reason i call it embarrassing is that Italy has had only one real quality skater for the last decade and has no depth at all compared to the US. It would just illustrate the problems that the US has had recently.
    Embarrasing or not at least I find it strange. US with their figure skating traditions, dominating ladies for so many years, lots of skating clubs, rinks and ponds, summer competitions, top notch coaches and choreographers, great ice shows…….
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