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At this point, there's no way Japan is going to throw away their future (Hanyu) - he's here to stay. Takahashi is their star (World Champion and Olympic medalist) - he's here to stay too.

It's a fight between Kozuka and Oda. But with a World Silver, I think JFS is more in favour of keeping Kozuka.

Kozuka is much better than Oda. He wasn't great here, but artistically, he is way, way above Oda. Oda is all about the tech, and when he makes counting mistakes all the time, it doesn't leave much left. Further, his consistency suffered once he regularly started trying the quad in his programs, and at this point, he'd need a quad in the SP and FS to be competitive, especially with the way his PCS are and being the number 4 Japanese man. I tend to think he's done and will retire, but if he choses to continue, he'll only be going to 4CC post nationals, I highly doubt he makes another World or Olympics team unless he improves drastically in terms of artistry and/or Dai or Kozu has a sudden downfall, which I don't see happening.