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Thread: Thoughts on blade rockers

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    Thoughts on blade rockers

    I have been looking in to getting some new skates. I will be going back to Riddell from Edea so will need new blades. I currently have Coro Aces. but am considering going up to the Eclipse Infinity or Pinnacle. I thinking of going for the Pinnacle as it has a 8" rocker, and I have heard that the larger rocker is better for foot work. I have heard that the larger rocker is harder to spin on, but I not actually that concerned about this, has I have naturally ability to spin, I got my forward scratch in about month after starting skating about 6 years ago. but I struggle with footwork, and feel the larger rocker will be more stable.

    I live in a country where skating is not very big, so will be ordering online, so can't return them.

    Also have anyone tried the Riedell Titanium blades, as I was thinking of upgrade to them as well. I am an young adult skating so the blades would last.

    I am trying to decide between the Motion & bronze stars. I have just starting to work on my double jumps. I am currently in Edea chorus, and they have lasted well, only just starting to break down after 3 years, so I am thinking that the Bronze Stars will be too much boots. I am about 110 pounds & tall, so am small build.
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    I don’t have an answer to your primary question, since I’ve only skated on blades with 7’ main rockers. But, since you’ve received no replies, I’ll give you a bump, plus some supporting info.

    (1) Freestyle blades have at least two rockers: the main rocker (which is what the rocker radius of 7’ or 8’ refers to) and the spin rocker (referring to the rocker extending ~2-3” in back of the primary toe pick). Some blades have more than two rockers. For spins, the spin rocker has the primary influence.

    (2) Both the Eclipse Infinity and the Pinnacle have 8’ main rockers. Other details, however, vary. The Pinnacle is patterned after the Wilson Gold Seal, and the Infinity is patterned after the Wilson Pattern 99: not identical clones, however. The Gold Seal and the Pattern 99 have significant design differences. Are you taking private lessons from a coach at your level? If so, you should ask your coach to recommend the model.

    (3) If you decide to go with the Infinity or the Pinnacle, I would recommend that you go with the Titanium version, rather than the standard version. For the Titanium model, the main advantage is not so much the titanium chassis (which comes into play only if you pair a lightweight blade with a lightweight boot), but the stainless steel runner; the standard version is fabricated from carbon steel. I have skated with both the Wilson Coronaction Ace (carbon steel) and the Eclipse Aurora (stainless steel); I posted a detailed review here:

    Note that the Titanium models use a different grade of stainless than the Aurora uses. My assumption is that the Titanium models use an even higher grade than the Aurora (440C, already a high grade). Compared to a carbon steel runner, the stainless runner should give you longer edge life between sharpenings and overall longer service life for the blade.

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