Gold: Jeremy, because if this happen it will be his best skating ever. A dream come true for me(and him I suppose ). I love the way he moves to the music. Wish his focused face didn't look so grim, though.

Silver: Verner, hehe, I never give up on him

Bronze: Hanyu, it would be awesome. He seems very determined and I bet he has trained hard for this.

Probably the podium will be Chan, Gachinski and Takahashi. But that's all right. I enjoy watching these three as well.

7-10: Fernandez, Amodio , Reynolds and Majorov(so that Schultheiss is a certain for next world's).

and then there are Van der Perren, Joubert, Rippon, Kozuka, Brezina, Liebers, Ten, Song etc. So many to like

Well, if only they skate their best I am satisfied. It's so tough for them and they are trying such hard elements and performances. I fear many mistakes will be made. Men's competitions are incredibly exciting before start, but easily also disappointing when over (iike the SP at Vancouver olympics). I really, really want to see the men excel.