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Silver: Patrick Chan
What next? Two new programs, neither choreographed by Lori Nichol. A short program to Led Zeppelin’s “Moby Dick” choreographed by Ingo Steuer and an LP to the Hero soundtrack, choreographed by David Wilson/Tom Dickson/or Kenji Miyamoto. Or “Vlatava.”
If only! Unfortunately, Chan's music catalog history has lacked such imaginative choices as the ones you have proposed. The likelihood of him skating to more worn out skating warhorses is kin to the likelihood that Joubert will skate to The Matrix for the billionth time. I would not be surprised if Patrick skated to Tosca next season with choreography once again from Lori Nichol. Actually, it's more likely that he'll choose an even more safe route as he has done in the past and repeat Aranjuez again for his LP next season. He repeated Take Five SP for 2 seasons, Phantom of the Opera LP for 2 seasons, Tango de los Exilados SP for 2 seasons, Vivaldi's Four Seasons LP for 2 seasons, and La Represion SP for 2 seasons, so he has a long history of doing this, unfortunately.