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    Quote Originally Posted by Becki View Post
    Did you open a savings account so you can save up for your trip to the 2014 Olympics O__O
    Becki, no, no I didn't!

    I must have picked up the wrong English word I guees...'literally'. 'So to speak'? it that the one?
    It is 'hypothesis', a sort of bank account in my heart to save my wishes for Daisuke.

    What I wanted to write is, I decided not to expect instant results from Dai. Not too many wishes, such as winning every time at every competition. My very best wish is, as you can easily imagine, Dai winning the gold at Sochi. And a lot of his fans, including me, understand he needs more time to get adjusted to his new body without a screw in the knee and get back quads. Tha's is why I would prefer rather wait, and save my wishes till the right time come.

    Sorry, picking up the word 'literally' must have been confusing to you...
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